Directed by Sato Shori: Exquisite pasta made with a single ingredient 2021.07.30 (subs)

I subbed Shori's short Youtube video "Directed by Sato Shori: Exquisite pasta made with a single ingredient" (勝利の食材1個で作る絶品パスタ), shared on the Top J Records youtube channel on 2021.07.30. He said on radio he'd start making cooking videos, who knew he was already one step ahead! He demonstrates how to make spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes. I spent so much time typsetting, trying to match the existing captions' timing and typesetting, I hope it looks okay.

Raw: MEGA (100MB, video is 4:56 minutes, the first 3:30 minutes is Shori's video and the rest is a promo for Natsu no Hydrangea)
Softsubs: MEGA

The subs might be a bit too quick since I timed them to match the captions, so here's the translation for easy reading. Includes some notes at the end on Shori's pun and portmanteau during the video.
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Translation: Butch Countdown Radio 2021.07.23 Shori (summary)

I summarised Shori's appearance on Butch Countdown Radio on 2021.07.23 where he talked to 2 hosts and answered listeners' questions. He talks about cooking, mentions he'd like to try using social media, and also talks about his first love. He was on for 30 minutes and the radio show played 2 SZ songs. Momoiro no Zettairyouiki (B-side on Natsu no Hydrangea) is played at 11:40, and Natsu no Hydrangea is played right at the end. The red text is a translation of what Shori said, and the rest is just a summary. Anything in [square brackets] is added by me. I translated this by ear, so please let me know if I've made any mistakes

Raw audio: MEGA (70 MB, 30 minutes). I ripped it from Please don't hotlink it, but feel free to re-upload and share the file crediting Radiko

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VS Arashi 2020.11.19 - Sexy Zone (subs)

I subbed VS Arashi 2020.11.19, where Arashi and[guest (spoiler)]Yoshimura Takashiversed Sexy Zone and[guest (spoiler)]Sawabe Yu. There was a lot to love in this episode - Kento's signature catchphrase gets a new spin, a dramatic Cliff Climb that for once doesn't involve Sho, and the Dance Time Battle where each group dances to one of their own songs without music.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes. If there's a typo, mistranslation or someone's line is the wrong colour let me know and I'll fix it!

Japanese transcript: arashi-transcripts
Raw matches arashigoodies (1.04 GB, 720p, 47:14 minutes). If you find another raw that also matches let me know and I'll add it here
Softsubs: MEGA


  • I didn't sub any of the narrator's commentary during a game

  • I haven't read/seen Demon Slayer and it's referenced a few times, so I apologise if I'm butchering the Breath phrases

  • I couldn't think of a good English translation for 兄貴会 (aniki-kai) [The Boys? The Bros? The Bro Club? The Gang? The Brotherhood?] so I just left it as Aniki Kai