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Translation and softsubs: Music Station 3 HR SP 2019.02.01 Arashi's talk and performance cuts

Updated subs on 2019.02.04 with extra VTR and comment parts thanks to winkychan!

I subbed Arashi's talk and performance on Music Station 2019.02.01. They performed "Kimi no Uta" and "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi". Throughout the show, Arashi sometimes commented on the various VTR's. You'll get to see young Arashi performing, hear about Sailor Mars, see a young Jun being an MC (pre-Arashi), hear a story about how kind Aiba is, hear about Nino's love of Doraemon, and see Arashi on their 5th, 10th and 15th anniversary on Music Station.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Japanese transcripts which made my life easier:
Blue Storm

Softsubs and hardsubs: MEGA
Italian subs by Rosa_elefante

  • The talk cut matches the raw at arashigoodies

  • For the performance cut, I've added romaji lyrics and English translations. I translated the lines for Kimi no Uta, and I've used taijiproject's translation for Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi. I've added 2 versions: one matches the performance cut at arashi goodies, and the other matches the performance cut at yumenohashi

  • Note: I added English lyrics to the performances a few hours after I posted this, so you might want to download the performance softsubs again! Sorry to trouble you!

  • Winkychan kindly uploaded a longer cut, which contains all of Arashi's parts and their performance at the end. Updated on 2019.02.06: Winkychan kindly encoded and uploaded hardsubs :D

  • When singing Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi, Sho changes one of the lines at the end from "Set my blood on fire when I met you" to "Set my blood on fire when I met all of you"

I don't normally post subs for performance cuts, but I am curious about what people prefer, so please fill in this poll!

Do you prefer performances with:

Both romaji lyrics and English lyrics
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Translations which are in winkychan's cut, and not in arashigoodies/yumenohashi cut:

Arashi's entrance

: Thank you for being our guests.
Arashi: Thank you for having us!
Marina: This will be Arashi's first performance after announcing that they will go on hiatus at the end of 2020.
Tamori: That's right, you will cease group activities?
Aiba: Yes, and we're very sorry for causing worry. We made the announcement that after these 20 years, we will take a break. But today we will give 120%!
Jun: Because it's the 60th anniversary [of TV Asahi].

VTR about TV Asahi anime

Tamori: Arashi, did you used to watch anime on TV Asahi?
Jun: Yes, I used to watch them a lot.
Aiba: Me too.
Jun: It wasn't in the VTR, but we watched TV shows like Slam Dunk.
Aiba and Jun: That's from our generation.
Aiba: Even now, I still re-read it once a year. I love it.
Tamori: Were there any other anime shows you watched?
Sho: Since I have a little sister, we would watch Sailor Moon together.
Tamori: Really?
Sho: My sister would watch, and I would watch it with her. Did you know? Sailor Moon has the catchphrase, "In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!" Do you know Sailor Mars's catchphrase?
Tamori: I have no idea.
Sho: She says, "In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!" They're strong words, aren't they?
Nino: The words are taken to the next level.
Tamori: I like those words better. Ninomiya, do you like Doraemon?
Nino: Yes I do, I've been watching it for a long time. Even now, if it's on and I have time, I'll spend my evening watching it.
Aiba: You have Doraemon underwear, don't you? That's how much you like it.
Sho: You used to always wear them.
Nino: After I started wearing them around my second year of middle school, I managed to become an adult without any trouble.
Aiba: They've lasted a long time, haven't they.
Nino: They have!

VTR: wonderful special performances: top 10

Tamori: Sakurai, do you sing "Sakuranbo" at karaoke?
Sho: I'm sorry Otsuka Ai, I don't actually sing it. But when I was a student I'd go to karaoke and my friends would sing it, and at the end where it goes "one more time" I'd sing it with all my might. That's why if I listen to "Sakuranbo" now, it'll remind me of feeling free during karaoke and eating soba while standing at dawn.
Tamori: Johnny's WEST, is there a connection between you and Arashi?
Fujii Ryusei: Yes, on New Year's Day Aiba will call me over to his house, and give me items like clothes and wallets. He's very kind to gift me these things, he's so kind it made me start to think that he's an angel. In my phone's contact list, I made his name Angel-chan.
Aiba: Sorry but that's not the kind of nickname you should give to your senior!
Fujii: But you really are an angel.
Aiba: It feels like the kind of nickname you'd give to someone in kindergarten, or to a pet.
Sho: It's okay, Angel-chan.
Aiba: It's not a bad thing.
Fujii: Aiba gave me permission to use it.
Tamori: He gave you a wallet?
Fujii: Yes, and I still use it.
Aiba: Thank you. It wasn't a new one, it was one I'd used.
Fujii: That's right.
Tamori: It wasn't brand-new?
Aiba: Nope! It had inherited my experiences.
Fujii: I'd like Johnny's WEST to inherit them.
Aiba: No, no, no, you don't have to share it around. You can just keep it.

Sakuranbo performance: during the performance, Sho stands up and gestures for one more time.

Tamori: How was it, Sakurai?
Sho: Wow! I would never have thought that I would be able to do the "one more time" part with her actually in front of me. I'm so happy. Please do it one more time!

Music Station shocking happenings: top 8
2: Ohno, 1999.11.24, he got hypnotised and forgot his own name
5: Jun, 1998.08.08 before Arashi debuted, he got the chance to try emceeing for the first time, with Hiromi, at a fireworks event

Tamori: Arashi, do you remember this?
Jun: I don't remember it at all.
Tamori: You don't?
Jun: I don't even remember why I was invited. Back then, Juniors would be able to go on TV shows on TV Asahi. Like "8 ji da J". So I think from there I got onto that show. And I think Takki probably wasn't in Tokyo at the time? So it was just by chance that I got that role.
Tamori: Ohno, what about you being hypnotised?
Ohno: I have no idea, either. I think I might've been sleeping? My memory is fuzzy. I couldn't even remember my name.
Tamori: Could you really not remember your name?
Ohno: Yep, I don't think I would've understood anything I was asked. Anyway, I don't really remember it. It was too long ago.
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