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Orphan Black: 7 Genes (English and Japanese subs)

Orphan Black: 7 Genes (Autumn 2017) オーファン・ブラック~七つの遺伝子~ (Orphan Black ~Nanatsu no Idenshi~)

Plot: Orphan Aoyama Sara (Kang Ji-Young) is a single mother separated from her daughter. One day after being fired from her job, Sara sees a woman commit suicide who looks identical to Sara. Sara is shocked, but steals the woman's bag. Since then, her life takes an unpredictable turn. (summary edited from AsianWiki)

Japanese character relationship chart (contains spoilers)

English subs: MEGA (timing matches AOZ raws on j-raws.me)
Japanese subs from JP subbers: MEGA (timing matches AOZ raws on j-raws.me Avistaz)

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes! I'm still learning Japanese, so there are bound to be errors. This is also the first (and probably only) drama I've ever subbed, so all comments are welcome!

Character list mapping the Japanese characters to the original Canadian show's characters. Contains spoilers for all episodes:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Aoyama Sara 青山沙羅 (Sarah Manning)
Shiina Maoko 椎名真緒子 (Beth Childs)
Ok Yeong Ae オク・ヨンエ (Katja Obinger)
Yoshikawa Rika 吉川理華 (Alison Hendrix)
Odagiri Izumi 小田切泉 (Cosima Niehaus)
Elena エレナ (Helena)
Kurosaki Hiroka 黒崎裕香 (Rachel Duncan)

Other characters
Aoyama Kaoru 青山薫 (Felix Dawkins)
Aoyama Saeko 青山冴子 (Siobhan Sadler)
Aoyama Moe 青山萌絵 (Kira Manning)
Iwaki Makio 岩城槇雄 (Paul Dierden)
Kinjou Tsuyoshi 金城剛 (Arthur Bell)
Yoshikawa Isamu 吉川勇 (Donnie Hendrix)
Kimura Ayano 木村綾乃 (Aynsley Norris)
Arai Aiko 荒井愛子 (Delphine Cormiere)
Nagase ナガセ (Vic)
Wakita Riki 脇田 (Aldous Leekie)
Ugajin 宇賀神 (Tomas)
Takahata Tomoko 高畑智子 (Maggie Chen)

Episode notes (spoilers):
[E01 spoiler]E01

  • はんこ (hanko) is a personal seal, used in situations which would usually require a signature in other countries. Sara uses it at the bank to withdraw cash from Shiina's account

[E02 spoiler]E02

  • Sara, posing as Ok Yeong Ae, thanks the person in Korean when she gets out of the car

  • Izumi speaks Touhoku-ben. I don't know if you can tell, but it sounds very different to the standard Japanese dialect that Sara and Rika speak

[E05 spoiler]E05

  • I am pretty sure Aiko speaks Touhoku-ben, the dialect Izumi speaks, which is why Izumi was immediately suspicious of her

[E06 spoiler]E06

  • Aiko brings Izumi kiritanpo, which are rice skewers which can be used as dumplings. It's a specialty of Akita prefecture, which is in Touhoku, which is where Izumi is from

  • I think Aiko only speaks Touhoku-ben (the dialect Izumi speaks) when Izumi is around. When she is with Wakita she speaks standard Japanese.

[E07 spoiler]E07

  • Localised phrase "ミイラ取りがミイラになる" which means that the mummy hunter himself becomes a mummy. Makio laughs and questions what is a mummy. The phrase to "hoist with your own petard" means to be blown up by your own bomb, and is a phrase from Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

My thoughts: (spoiler-free, but hidden so you can skip it)
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Since I loved the original Orphan Black series, I wanted to watch this one, and I really liked it! I ended up watching it 3 times (the first time for fun, the second time to translate, and the third time to proofread my subs), and each time I picked up more differences between Kang Ji-Young's characters. Unfortunately a dialect was lost in my translation (see E02 spoiler), but I hope you can still see how each character is distinct
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