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Subs: Nino-san S02E179 - 2017.06.25 (I Love You Game cut)

"Karen-chan. I love you."

I tried translating a bit of the Nino-san episode from 2017.06.25 which I really enjoyed: the "I Love You Game". Two people take turns saying "I love you" to each other, and the person who laughs first loses. Nino plays. What do you think - does it seem like he'd be good or bad at this game?
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes! I couldn't find a transcript so I translated this by ear, which is not my strong suit. And I found Tenryu Genichiro's voice pretty difficult to understand, since it's so low and gravelly. I'm so grateful for captions.

Nino-san (S02E179 - 2017.06.25) おじさん、時代についていく (Old men, keep up with the times) Part 1
Raw is from chesutosakurai.
Hardsubs: stream/download on Google Drive (video is 106 MB, 6:42 minutes)
Raw and softsubs:  MEGA (video is 82 MB, 6:42 minutes)
EDIT 2018.09.07 Updated softsubs (I found some mistakes, and I changed the typesetting). I haven't gotten around to fixing the hardsubs

Note: SNS = social networking service

[Spoiler (screencaps and captions from when this post was a translation)]

Shiki Rika
Ishihara Yoshizumi
Ikkun (Every Little Thing)
Michopa (Ikeda Miyuu)
Nakao Akira

Tenryu Genichiro

: Without your makeup, I still love you.

Michopa: ...You're a bit uncool, but I still love you.

Next: Takizawa Karen vs. Ishihara Yoshizumi

Ishihara: I love you.

Karen: I love you.

: I'm weak at this... against Karen-chan.

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