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Myojo 2018 March: Kento and Fuma

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I translated an article from Myojo 2018 March where Kento and Fuma talk about inviting people to their house, if the other members of Sexy Zone have visited their house and how they entertain their guests.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Myojo 2018 March (Kento and Fuma)
Fuma came to Kento's room!

Recruiting bandmates to visit Kento's house!

Fuma: Wow. So this is the room where "If we lived together" takes place.
Kento: Yep, I've lived here for 3 years. I chose the curtains, the rug and the table. Anyway, take a seat for now.
Fuma: Thanks! I always thought you would live in a white room!
Kento: Speaking of which, I once showed my home on "Meringue no Kimochi". The walls were white, but I don't think I was fussy about the interior being white. If I had to say, maybe the candles were white (laughs).
Fuma: Really? I missed seeing that on "Meringue" when it aired. I have recordings, so I'll check them out when I get home.
Kento: As if you record TV shows! There's no way you have that episode!
Fuma: I've set it up so that all of Sexy Zone's programs are recorded <3.
Kento: Wow, I wouldn't expect anything less from you! Anyway, I'm enjoying today. I've got a bandmate in my home. It's fun~ you're having fun, right?
Fuma: Yes!
Kento: (loudly) Aha!
Fuma: We've never been to each other's houses before this, have we. Not even once. Not even when we were Johnny's Juniors.
Kento: Yeah, not even in my dreams (laughs). Have the rest of our group been to your house?
Fuma: They have. Matsushima, Marius and Shori have come to my house. They said they wanted to come over, so I said sure.
Kento: Really!?
Fuma: Well, it was a while ago. One time Marius brought okonomiyaki and dropped in unexpectedly.
Kento: Wow, aren't you super popular! None of our bandmates have ever been to my house…
Fuma: But doesn't it kind of feel like you don't want to invite people over to your home? That's how you seem, sort of… isn't that why none of us tell you we want to come over?
Kento: What! But I want to invite people over!
Fuma: Then you should try inviting someone over. Oh, but… is it hard to ask others if they want to come and hang out?
Kento: It is. But you're the type of person who can do that. Out of our bandmates, who came to your house first?
Fuma: I guess it was Matsushima, or maybe Marius…
Kento: Did they say something like, "Please let me visit you. Can I please come over to play games?"
Fuma: Yep, it was exactly like that.
Kento: I bet you must have a lot of interesting games in your house.
Fuma: Well, I guess so.
Kento: Okay, I'm going to buy some too!
Fuma: Do your friends from school come over to your house?
Kento: They do come over. But I feel lonely since our bandmates have never come over!
Fuma: Then you should call us over (laughs).
Kento: I hope they say they want to come over to my house.
Fuma: I'm sure they'll read our conversation in these pages and one of them will say that!
Kento: I'm currently recruiting bandmates to come visit my house (laughs).
Fuma: So, if we came to your house, what kind of entertainment would you provide? Today we're having hotpot together.
Kento: Seriously, I wonder what should I do? I think I'd actually be more nervous if you guys came over rather than if my friends came over! What should I do... Well… we'll watch DVDs together! Is that a good answer? Hey, teach me, Master Fuma!

Fuma, an expert at home parties, teaches Kento how to enjoy them

Kento: What do you do when everyone comes over?
Fuma: I make stuff like hotpot. Because it's something we can all cook together, it's fun to kind of work together as a group.
Kento: So you do have hotpot! Kimchi hotpot is nice in winter. It'll warm you up.
Fuma: I'd also like to recommend sesame hotpot!
Kento: That sounds so good!
Fuma: If you use a hotpot broth it's easy to make.
Kento: To be honest I don't cook that much, but you do.
Fuma: Yeah, and I also cook with family and friends.
Kento: That sounds nice.
Fuma: Apart from hotpot, I've also thrown a curry party.
Kento: A curry party sounds nice. Can you make curry?
Fuma: Yep, I can. I make it and it's also something everyone can make together. I forget what I did with our bandmates, but I've made it with my friends.
Kento: Wow.
Fuma: I've also thrown a takoyaki party. You can even use the hollow moulds in a takoyaki machine to fry food in garlic oil.
Kento: Garlic oil!? That's so fancy! Hey, if I threw a party with our bandmates, who do you think would do the most work?
Fuma: Wouldn't it be Matsushima?
Kento: …Would he actually do work?
Fuma: Matsushima and Marius would surely take the initiative to do stuff for you.
Kento: You know how Matsushima started a blog on Johnny's Web? I was wondering how often he updates it and I had a look, and he doesn't update it as often as I thought he would!
Fuma: (laughs)
Kento: I think that maybe he seems like a hardworking guy, but he'd surprise us by not doing much. The one who would actually go out and do the shopping for me seems like it would be you!
Fuma: No way, I find those tasks annoying (laughs). I'd much rather leave the shopping to the team of younger brothers. But of course, as the older one, I would pay!
Kento: I see.
Fuma: If you were throwing a party at home, who would buy your ingredients for you?
Kento: I think I'd buy the ingredients beforehand and leave them in the fridge. And I'd prepare beds.
Fuma: What? You're going to put us to bed?
Kento: Isn't it a sleepover? Don't people sleep over when you throw a party at home? I say "sleep", but it seems like we'd all be having fun and not getting any sleep at all.
Fuma: That kind of thing does happen.
Kento: Afterwards, what do you do when everyone has finished eating?
Fuma: Sometimes we talk, or play games.
Kento: Like chess?
Fuma: More like games that everyone can play. For example, people get excited when playing board games.
Kento: Like "The Game of Life"?
Fuma: Yeah, like that. There's a board game called "The Settlers of Catan" from Germany which is a lot of fun. You throw dice and expand your territory.
Kento: That sounds fun.
Fuma: Are you going to buy some fun board games and invite all of us over?
Kento: For now, I'll invite everyone after I've been to their house.
Fuma: That's 4 houses to get through! I thought we'd come to your house before that (laughs).

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