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Fuma to play "Hamlet" in 2019

I translated Fuma's comment about being cast to play the role of Hamlet in Shakespeare's play "Hamlet". The play will be performed in Tokyo from September 8th to October 6th, and then in Osaka from October 9th to the 15th.

[Japanese text]Japanese text


ストレートプレイに対する意識は強く、恐縮ながら役者としても活動させて頂く以上、一度はストレートプレイの舞台に立ちたいと思っていたので、これ以上光栄なことはございません。Sexy Zone の可能性を広げるきっかけになれればと思っております。


Source: https://www.hamlet2019.jp/

I never even thought that I would have the privilege of playing the role of Hamlet, so I was astonished when I was cast. I was also pleased, of course, but more than anything else, I was astonished. The play "Hamlet" itself has a history and tradition, and I am fully aware that it is a role of ancient and honourable origin, performed by many people both domestically and overseas, so I can't deny that I'm feeling quite a bit of pressure. However, I am determined to face this role with complete devotion because it's not a role I can be cast in just by wanting it.

I am keenly aware of plays without songs, and as long as I receive the privilege of performing as an actor I had wanted to appear in a play without songs, as opposed to a musical, so there is no greater honour than this. I hope that this play can lead to more opportunities for Sexy Zone.

I would like to play the main role of Hamlet in accordance with its history and tradition. I promise to show you a new Kikuchi Fuma who will appear out of that interpretation, so please enjoy the play.

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