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Nonno 2019 June (Ohno and Nino) Badminton Arashi vol. 134

Scans: scrap-fabulous

I translated an interview with Ohno and Nino from Nonno 2019 June, vol. 134 of the Arashi series. They talk about how they used to play badminton when Ohno was in Kyoto, the sports they did in school, and the Olympics.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Vol. 134 Badminton Arashi
Ninomiya Kazunari x Ohno Satoshi

With a racquet in their hand they each enter the court, separated by the net, and then they start playing. When they hit the shuttle, they recall scenes from their past with a faraway look in their eyes!

Wanna take this seriously!?

Following the plan to do popular sports, the theme this time is badminton. After hearing Sakurai-kun's encouraging message, "You both have experience with racquet sports, so have a good match", Ninomiya-kun and Ohno-kun stood on the court. They start by warming up, and their rally keeps on going as the staff members cheer them on… they enjoy playing long rallies, rather than a match (laughs). Straight after these two finish hitting, refreshed by their hard work, their tales of the old days come out of nowhere!

We haven't played badminton in ages! We used to play it a lot back in the day.

Nino: Wow, it's been a really long time since I last played, but I've still got it. When you were living in Kyoto for your play we played it a lot.
Ohno: Yeah. Every time you came to Kyoto we'd play it in the lobby of the theatre (laughs). We played it so much, but we never ever got sick of it.
Nino: It was fun (laughs). You were in a badminton club, right?
Ohno: Yes, in middle school. Ever since I was a kid I played it with my family, so I entered the club on a whim. When we had outdoor practice for running and practicing swings I always skipped it (wry smile). But it felt great hitting the shuttle inside the gymnasium. Even though I wasn't anywhere near close to being a diligent club member, I was pretty good at playing matches and sometimes I'd advance to the next round (smiles).
Nino: Impressive! In primary school I joined the table tennis club… and I was good at it, too (grins). Now that I think about it, back then I played table tennis and baseball, so I guess I really did work hard at playing sports. It's a whole other story now, though.
Ohno: Me too, I haven't played much sports since then. About the only time I've been exercising lately is when I work out before concerts (laughs).
Nino: That's why we both ran out of breath during the rallies today (laughs). I reckon badminton is a pretty tough sport. If you watch the top athletes playing on TV you'd be surprised by their intensity.
Ohno: In the past few years a lot of Japanese players have been competing, and even made it to the Olympics. I'd like to once try watching a whole match.
Nino: Was there an athlete you were closely following from the Olympics, Ohno-san?
Ohno: Carl Lewis (said decisively).
Nino: Oh? He used to compete a fair while ago (laughs). This is the first time I'm hearing about how much you cared about track and field events.
Ohno: (Earnestly) He was really fast. And what's more, he even won the gold medal in long jump. That was an amazing feat.
Nino: Look who's getting excited!
Ohno: I like his face, too.
Nino: You must be a big fan (laughs). When I was at home me and my family would watch TV and support the athletes. I wonder what the other members did.
Ohno: Aiba-chan seems like the kind of guy who likes short-distance races. He's also a fast runner. Because Sho-chan was a news correspondent for the Olympics he probably watches a lot of the events, and the one he'd really like would be…
Nino: Soccer? And J would like baseball? Since those are the sports they played. Now that I think about it, there are a tonne of sports out there.
Ohno: There's individual sports and team sports, and each have their own good points. I'm also looking forward to watching the Tokyo Olympics.
Carl Lewis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Lewis
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