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Bay Storm 2018.03.18 Shori cut

I translated and subbed Shori visiting Nino on Bay Storm on 2018.03.18. Nino guesses what Shori's radio show is called, and asks Shori about the senior he admires. Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Source for raw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jID52zz3PwM

Bay Storm 2018.03.18 - Shori visits

Raw and softsubs: MEGA (video is 5:30 long and 8MB)

Shori: Sunday is Ninomiya Day!
Nino: So this is how juniors will start to replace me. Right?
Shori: Thank you for letting me be a guest on your show.
Nino: According to our calculations today is the 800th episode of Bay Storm.
Shori: Yes.
Nino: We don't know if it actually is, though. But the listeners have been telling us how many episodes we've done so far.
Shori: Oh, I see.
Nino: Which is why, according to our calculations…
Shori: Yes.
Nino: I have a guest for today's lucky 800th episode.
Shori: I am Sato Shori from Sexy Zone. Thank you very much for having me. I'm sorry for taking over the title, or what do you call it, the opening shout.
Nino: Yeah, because I've only shouted it out 799 times. You've done it this once on the 800th episode.
Shori: I apologise. I was told that I'm the first guest to be on your show.
Nino: That's true.
Shori: Really?
Nino: Yup. But in saying that, it's not like I asked you, right? You didn't come here with being a guest on Bay Storm written in your schedule, did you?
Shori: No.
Nino: You have your own show. When is it?
Shori: It's on Fridays from 9:30 onwards.
Nino: 9:30? You start at 9:30. Sato Shori's Sexy… Radio, is it?
Shori: It's called Victory Roads.
Nino: Oh, Victory Roads? I see. You came here to record it.
Shori: I did.
Nino: But, since your senior is here, you thought you had to come and greet me first.
Shori: No, no, not at all. I thought I'd make the most of this opportunity.
Nino: You came to say hello.
Shori: Yes.
Nino: When you came, you were told to come on the radio.
Shori: Yes, you told me to come on.
Nino: I said you should come on the radio.
Shori: Thank you very much.
Nino: You've taken the time to come and see me, so what now? I'll read a message? This one's from radio pen name "Marin likes listening to UB". "Congratulations on 12 years. I think it's Ninomiya Day when Bay Storm is on."
Shori: You read them very quickly. That was quite quick.
Nino: It's because you're here. I'll read Marin's message afterwards.
Shori: Oh, I see.
Nino: Right now I'm sure everyone wants to hear about you.
Shori: Thank you very much.
Nino: And, y'know, you have your recording to do, right?
Shori: Yes. But I'm still good for time.
Nino: There's a bunch of grown-ups coming here right now, though.
Shori: It's completely fine. On my own radio show I've had the pleasure of playing UB.
Nino: You're a good kid. Well, I'll let you go now. I'm sure you're busy with your own schedule.
Shori: Are you sure? I can still stay here for longer.
Nino: Really? Then I've got a question for you, okay? Don't be influenced by anything, okay? Don't be influenced just because I'm here.
Shori: Yes.
Nino: Let's make this the last question I ask juniors when they come. I'll ask about the seniors they admire. Who do you admire, Shori?
Shori: Well… That would be you.
Nino: You said it. So, it's me? I see.
Shori: I enjoy watching your dramas, like Aka Medaka and Haikei Chichiue-sama.
Nino: Huh? You know those?
Shori: Yes, I've seen them.
Nino: You have?
Shori: Yes.
Nino: Gimme a second.
Shori: What are you doing?
Nino: Eh? Oh, well cause you said Ninomiya, I'm looking up who you admire on the internet.
Shori: What?
Nino: I'm happy that you answered with my name.
Shori: You're looking up what I've said in magazines and so on.
Nino: Yep. You said it just now, so you would've said it back then, right?
Shori: That's right. I've truly learnt a lot from you.
Nino: Which is why I'm the senior you admire?
Shori: Yes.
Nino: I'm truly grateful. Because not a lot of juniors look up to me. So this is- Huh? On The Shounen Club you answered with Nakayama Yuma.
Shori: Well, about that…
Nino: It's written on the internet. "I admire Nakayuma Yuma."
Shori: I do. Well… I admire every-
Nino: That's all for now.
Shori: Hang on!
Nino: That was Sexy Zone's Sato Shori.
Shori: Thank you very much.
Nino: I'll see you later.
Shori: Thank you.
Nino: I'd like for everyone to listen to… Victory Roads, is it?
Shori: Yes.
Nino: So… Is there a song by Arashi you want to listen to?
Shori: Let me think…
Nino: Anything's fine. Or do you want to choose from the requests?
Shori: May I? It would be my pleasure. Out of the listeners' requests… I pick this one.
Nino: Read their radio pen name.
Shori: Understood. Let me introduce them. The request I drew is from radio pen name "Yellow Nino soup". "Fuyu o dakishimete".
Nino: Okay, out you go, to record your own show.
Shori: Got it. I'll work hard.
Nino: Come again, okay?
Shori: It would be my pleasure.
Nino: You can come when you next greet me.
Shori: Thank you very much.
Nino: Thank you for coming.


  • Right at the start Shori says the opening catchphrase, taken from a message from a listener, which Nino usually shouts out on Bay Storm, which is why Nino talks about juniors supplanting him

  • At 1:36 Nino imitates Johnny's purported use of "you" in saying, "YOU 出ちゃいなよ", telling Shori to come on Bay Storm

  • At 1:55 I'm not 100% that the message is congratulating Nino on doing Bay Storm for 12 years since he's mumbling. If you can understand what he's saying please tell me!

  • Shori played UB on Victory Roads on 2018.02.02

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