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Translation and softsubs: Music Station Ultra Fes 2017 (Arashi's talk and performance)

Screencaps in this post may or may not be solely based on how good Nino looks.

I tried translating Arashi's talk from Music Station Ultra Fes 2017.09.18, before they performed Monster, Fight Song and GUTS!.
Anything written in [square brackets] means I added it, probably to make it sound more natural or add extra information. Anything underlined means I'm not sure if I translated it correctly.
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!
I translated 99% of this by ear, and only afterwards realised there was a transcript for this whole part...

Update on 2017.11.05: added softsubs (in the cut).

Japanese transcript: arashi-transcripts
Raw from amnos-no-asa

Update: I felt like learning how to sub videos, so I spent a few hours today making softsubs. I hope they're clearly legible. If you have any feedback about the translation, subs, or tips for improving my subbing, please let me know!
Softsubs: MEGA
They're timed to the raw at amnos-no-asa.
I included song lyrics (English and romaji), and used yarukizero's translations. The English subtitles are below the Japanese subs, and are a bit small and squashed, but hopefully still legible enough. Here's a screenshot:


Narrator: Now, here is the 11th song!

Woman (21 years old, 4th year university student. Currently working hard on: looking for a job): I listen to it while I'm job hunting, so I feel excited while looking. It feels like this song supports me. I listen to it when I'm on the train on my way to interviews.

Woman (49 years old, has a part-time job. Currently working hard on: collecting car goods [possibly car models]): It feels like power overflows from inside you. It's fun.
Staff: Is there a part which you feel is especially lively?
Woman: The choreography is cute, it makes me want to join in and do it together.

Woman (20 years old, Eisa performer [Eisa is an Okinawan folk dance]. Currently working hard on: studying English): The song is nice, and this move *does a baseball swing* is cool. Okinawan people like baseball so this kind of move excites you from within yourself.

Narrator: Its choreography gives off a baseball image, it's wildly popular, and it's an ultra-energetic song by Arashi: "GUTS!".

[Nino's wink ;)]
(VTR: Arashi dancing to "GUTS!")

: Ranking 11th is Arashi's lively song, "GUTS!". Coming up is the performance of the Ultra Fes Special Medley which includes this song, and "Fight Song" which also made the ranking. Well, the top 10 is coming up! Which songs will rank in the top 10?

In studio:

Tamori: Next is Arashi.
Arashi: Thank you for having us.
Tamori: You entered the ranking.
Matsumoto: Thank you very much.
Sakurai: It makes us happy, doesn't it?
Nino: Yeah, I was surprised.
Matsumoto: "Fight Song" also got in, surprisingly. I'm happy.
Hironaka Ayaka (female host): Two of your songs entered the rankings.

Tamori: Is this the first time you've come to the Ultra Fes stage?
Matsumoto: This is the first time.
Tamori: Really?
Matsumoto: One time we were broadcasting live from Miyagi. And the second time we were at EX Theatre. So this is our first time in studio [at Ultra Fes].
Sakurai: That's why this was the first time we've sung behind Tokio-senpai and V6-senpai, and it was a bit nerve-wracking…

*Matsuoka Masahiro (Tokio) claps*
Sakurai: That's what makes me nervous.
Tamori: It seems that the guys behind you are great, as expected.
Aiba:  They're scary, their force is scary.
Tamori: Their force.
Nino: Amazing.

Tamori: Even their clothes are also quite dark and intimidating, aren't they. It seems like they're radiating great power. Is there a song that you'll sing here at Music Station for the first time?
Aiba: Yes, there is. It's "Fight Song", the lyrics were written by us members, and Ninomiya composed it.
Nino: Yeah.
Tamori: Ah really?
Aiba: Yes, that's right.
Sakurai: You wrote it a while ago, didn't you?
Nino: Awhile back…
Sakurai: In 2007.
Nino: That's right. It's been a while since we were able to perform "Monster" and "GUTS!".
Tamori: Ah, I see.
Nino: Yeah.

Matsumoto: It's been a while since we've done choreography which stimulates you.
Hironaka Ayaka: Ah, really?
Sakurai: You remember it.

Tamori: Ninomiya-sensei, it was hard wasn't it? That song.
Aiba: Sensei.
Matsumoto [or possibly Sakurai, I can't tell]: Sensei.
Nino: No, no, it was done enjoyably with everyone. Um, let's stop with this atmosphere. This atmosphere where it seems like everyone is listening.
Tamori: Again, they [Tokio] are laughing from behind.
Sakurai: Sensei.
Nino: No, no, don't be like, "please let me ask you about the song". [TN: Not sure if it's "please let us listen" or "please let us ask"]

Tamori: You're about to perform for us, so how do you feel?

Ohno: Yeah that's right. Well, something like, I hope we won't injure ourselves.
Sakurai: We won't get hurt!
Nino, Aiba, Sakurai and Matsumoto: We'll be fine.
Aiba: We'll probably be okay.
Ohno: I want to give it my best.
Tamori: You won't lose to the pressure from behind [Tokio is sitting behind Arashi], when you sing.
Ohno: I'll give it my all.

Hironaka Ayaka: Arashi's special medley will be on straight after this!
Matsumoto: Thank you.

Narrator: Arashi… Fukuyama Masaharu. The ultra-songs which exude energy.

Tamori: Now, let's begin.
Hironaka Ayaka: The ultra-song which gives off energy, by Arashi, ranked 11th, including "GUTS!", special medley. Enjoy!

"Monster" performance

Matsumoto: Music Stage Ultra Fes, the next song which gives off energy, is "Fight Song". Now, let's go to the stage next door!
Nino: LET'S GOOO!!!

"Fight Song" performance

Sakurai: Everyone… raise your hands together! [TN: Normally I'd assume Sho meant "clap" by his word choice, but everyone in the audience puts their hands up]
Someone (possibly Nino): More!
Someone (possibly Nino): This is the last one!

Ohno: No one's injured?
Nino: We're fine.

"GUTS!" performance
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