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Article: Nakajima Kento on "Azatokute Nani ga Warui no?" (translation)

I translated and combined 2 articles about Nakajima Kento appearing on the TV show "Azatokute Nani ga Warui no?" [What's so wrong with being calculating?] (2020.11.07). Hironaka Ayaka (who used to be a host on Music Station) and Tanaka Minami (TV announcer) share some funny stories about Kento, and Kento talks about how he treats people, including staff members.

Anything in [square brackets] is stuff I've added. Please let me know if I've made any mistakes.

I've also just noticed the typo in the screenshot - I guess Kento has a new nickname now!


Nakajima Kento (Sexy Zone) appeared on the TV show "Azatokute Nani ga Warui no?" [What's so wrong with being calculating?] (TV Asahi) on the 7th of November 2020. TV announcer Hironaka Ayaka exposed several instances of Nakajima being calculating.

In a ranking of the most calculating Johnny's entertainers, Tanaka Minami ranked Nakajima number one. She said, "He definitely sits at the apex of the Johnny's pyramid when it comes to being calculating". Nakajima responded, "I look at trends on Twitter and search them up. I looked up 'Nakajima Kento' and in the search results 'Nakajima Kento and Tanaka Minami' appeared, and I thought, 'What? I didn't know we were dating'", piercing the hearts of women. Tanaka joked, "See, this is exactly what I was talking about. If I were 10 years younger I'd have to watch out."

Later on Hironaka divulged, "We've both been on Music Station several times. Ever since he was about 20 he's shown that he has a natural gift for it. If he saw my clothes he would say, 'That looks cute! You look like a princess.' It's child's play for him to say that (laughs). And it's not just me, he also speaks like that to directors and assistant directors on the floor, saying 'Did you get a haircut?', 'How did it go with your girlfriend?' Everyone absolutely adores him since he goes to such great lengths."

Nakajima responded, "You really pay attention (laughs). I tend to notice things about people straight away, like their names and traits. I think it's bad to forget people's names, so after I meet someone twice I start calling them by their name." He even knows about the staff's preferences, and he amazed Tanaka and Hironaka by revealing, "If the makeup artist said that they like cream puffs from a certain store, I'll leave some out at work the next day. I'm just like Santa, I can't let them find out that I'm calculating."

Nakajima dubbed the man [in the VTR] who easily says "I like you" as "Guy who easily says like". He confessed, saying "I use 'like' pretty often. There's no limit to the word 'like'".

"Guy who easily says like" is a terrible translation, I'm sorry I can't think of how to word it, what Kento coined is much better.
好き (suki) = like/adore/love
サラッと (saratto) = smoothly, easily
男子 (danshi) = guy/young man
Kento said "好きサラ男子" (suki sara danshi)
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