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Translation: Ongaku no Hi 2021.07.17 Sexy Zone's talk

I translated Sexy Zone's short talk on Ongaku no Hi 2021.07.17 before they performed Run and Natsu no Hydrangea. Notes I've added are in [square brackets]. Please let me know if I've made any mistakes.

Nakai: Sexy Zone is next. Thank you for joining us.
Sexy Zone: Thank you for having us.
Nakai: So this year is your 10 year anniversary?
Fuma and Sou: Yes.
Nakai: What kind of performance will you give us on stage during your 10th anniversary?
Kento: Well, we're into our 10th year, but we'd still like to give a performance that makes you feel like you might be in love with SZ.
Nakai: You still talk like that?
Kento: Isn't that okay, Nakai? That's how I feel even after 10 years.
Nakai: "Isn't that okay?"
Kento: That song [Ee janai ka] is by [Johnny's] WEST. We're Sexy [Zone].
Nakai: Sexy Zone as a group of five. It's okay if the people watching now wait patiently for that, right?
Fuma: Absolutely.
Kento: That's perfectly fine.
Nakai: It's okay to wait patiently?
Shori and Sou: Please wait patiently for us.
Nakai: It's your 10th anniversary, you can take it one step at a time. Please get ready to perform.
Kento, as SZ is walking to get in position for their performance: We're Sexy [Zone], Nakai.
Nakai: You're still going on about that?
Shori: Because we're Sexy Zone!
Kento: I'll say it forever.
Nakai: How long are you going to keep on saying that?
Kento: Till I die.
Note: When Kento says in polite form "Isn't that okay" [ii janai desu ka], Nakai responds by using the casual form [ii janai ka], referencing Johnny WEST's song "Ee janai ka" [Ee is Kansai slang for ii] which they performed shortly before SZ took the stage.
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