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Translation: Butch Countdown Radio 2021.07.23 Shori (summary)

I summarised Shori's appearance on Butch Countdown Radio on 2021.07.23 where he talked to 2 hosts and answered listeners' questions. He talks about cooking, mentions he'd like to try using social media, and also talks about his first love. He was on for 30 minutes and the radio show played 2 SZ songs. Momoiro no Zettairyouiki (B-side on Natsu no Hydrangea) is played at 11:40, and Natsu no Hydrangea is played right at the end. The red text is a translation of what Shori said, and the rest is just a summary. Anything in [square brackets] is added by me. I translated this by ear, so please let me know if I've made any mistakes

Raw audio: MEGA (70 MB, 30 minutes). I ripped it from radiko.jp. Please don't hotlink it, but feel free to re-upload and share the file crediting Radiko

2021 is Sexy Zone's 10 year anniversary

  • Shori: We've all been saying, it's already been 10 years? Have 10 years really passed? It feels too quick since our debut 10 years ago

SZ performed in Marine Messe Fukuoka for their 10th year anniversary tour on June 25th, 26th, just 1 month ago. Listener wants to hear Shori speak Hakata dialect [which is spoken in Fukuoka]. Host asks about Shori's memories of Fukuoka

  • Fukuoka was supposed to be their last concert venue for SZ10TH, it ended up not being their last concert venue during the tour [Miyagi was postponed from March 20th/21st to July]. Since it was going to be their last, they wanted to make it special, so SZ all swept their hair back. Fuma did Sou and Shori's hair

  • SZ ate ramen and hot pot stew backstage. Shori prefers shoyu ramen to miso ramen

  • Host asks Shori to say something in Hakata dialect. He says something like "I'm taking this" in Hakata dialect. Host says Shori doesn't really speak a dialect - since he's from Tokyo, he speaks standard Japanese. Shori says "I like it" in Hakata dialect. Host says Shori has a chance to say some Hakata phrases when they tour in Fukuoka, like saying "I like you" at the end of MC time

Listener asks Shori for a dish that's easy to make and get right the first time

  • Shori likes cooking. He says that on youtube chefs teach you everything you need to know, and that's how he learnt to cook. He recommends a pasta dish with a tomato-based sauce and olive oil

  • Host: What are you good at cooking?

  • Shori: What am I good at cooking…

  • Host: Do you cook Japanese food or Western food?

  • Shori: I guess I cook a fair amount of Italian food. Like risotto

  • Host brings up that there are lots of 1 minute videos of people teaching how to make a dish, and suggests Shori try making videos like that, maybe for risotto

  • Shori, jokingly: I'll start making them tomorrow. On a Sexy Zone channel

Host briefly mentions that they liked watching Shori competing with Kento on VS Damashii.
Listener's son is the same age as Marius and will be coming back home soon, and wants to make him a snack that goes with alcohol. Listener asks what snack Shori likes to eat when he goes back to his parent's place.

  • Shori likes drinking alcohol, but doesn't really make snacks to eat when he's drinking. He says his parents make deep-fried tofu with ginger. Ajillo dishes [dish fried in garlic oil] make him happy

Host introduces Sexy Zone's song "Momoiro no Zettairyouiki"

  • Shori: The title is a bit comedic, it's pretty different to the song itself, I think you'll be surprised when you listen to it

  • 11:40 "Momoiro no Zettairyouiki" is played on air

Listener asks how Shori memorises his lines

  • Shori doesn't think he's bad at memorising lines, he's able to memorise them. He says it's easier to remember lines if you're coming from the perspective of your character and how they feel. Shori says you can try to play around with the lines, make them into a rap or a song, which he did when he was young

Host brings up that Shori will be performing in the play Brighton Beach Memoirs

  • This is Shori's first play that isn't a musical and he really likes the play

Host asks what things Shori wants to try

  • Shori: I've been given the opportunity to do a variety of things… I'd like to try creating a subscription service or using social media

  • Host: Try the cooking videos we talked about earlier

  • Shori: On youtube? Sounds nice. I'd like to do that one day

Host brings up Natsu no Hydrangea. Listener says Natsu no Hydrangea is a song about a first love, and asks about Shori's first love

  • Shori: When I was little there was a girl in the same class as me, I think it was at my pre-school. There's not really a story to tell, I just liked her

  • There was some event in the class, where everyone and their parents had a meal together. Shori was really nervous. They ate at a long table. The kids started running around the table. The girl he liked was chasing Shori when he tripped and fell and started crying right in front of her. She started apologising incessantly. Shori felt overwhelmed. He didn't end up confessing to her.

Listener asks about the location where they shot the music video for Natsu no Hydrangea video where the pool was

  • Shori says they shot in an abandoned school

Listener asks if there's a flower that Shori strongly associates with a season

  • Shori: A flower that I associate with a season? Well, it's a boring answer, but it's gotta be cherry blossoms. Due to the situation we're in we haven't really been able to have a cherry blossom viewing party, right? So when things get better I'd love to do that. I did do that when I was a kid, but I haven't really been able to after joining Johnny's & Associates. I'd really love to.

Host talks about the extras for Natsu no Hydrangea - the music video, making and bonus video Sexy Camp

  • Shori: 'Sexy Camp' is what we'd do if Sexy Zone went camping on our day off. We filmed it in one day. We spent the whole day together. It's called 'Sexy Camp'… but it's just Sexy Zone going camping

Shori introduces Natsu no Hydrangea which is then played on air

  • The Hakata phrases Shori says are とっとーと [I've got this/I'm taking it] and すいとうよ [I like you]

  • "Momoiro no Zettairyouiki" = peach thigh skin, meaning the skin exposed above knee or thigh-high socks and below the skirt's hem. Google is better at explaining it

  • Shori's play Brighton Beach Memoirs will be performed in Tokyo from September 18th to October 3rd, and in Kyoto from October 7th to the 13th 2021

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