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Directed by Sato Shori: Exquisite pasta made with a single ingredient 2021.07.30 (subs)

I subbed Shori's short Youtube video "Directed by Sato Shori: Exquisite pasta made with a single ingredient" (勝利の食材1個で作る絶品パスタ), shared on the Top J Records youtube channel on 2021.07.30. He said on radio he'd start making cooking videos, who knew he was already one step ahead! He demonstrates how to make spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes. I spent so much time typesetting, trying to match the existing captions' timing and typesetting, I hope it looks okay.

Raw: MEGA (100MB, video is 4:56 minutes, the first 3:30 minutes is Shori's video and the rest is a promo for Natsu no Hydrangea)
Softsubs: MEGA

The subs might be a bit too quick since I timed them to match the captions, so here's the translation for easy reading. Includes some notes at the end on Shori's pun and portmanteau during the video.

Shori's exquisite pasta made with a single ingredient!
With just one ingredient I'm going to make
a really delicious and exquisite tomato sauce for pasta.
With just canned tomatoes
olive oil
and a frypan
and pasta and a pot for boiling the pasta.
If you have those things
then you don't need any other utensils.
I brought salt and pepper
but I'm not gonna use them.
Let's start cooking.
I use a lot of olive oil, it's pretty shocking how much I use.
Now I'll turn the heat on.
So you add olive oil
into the cold frypan and then turn on the heat.
Now we fry the tomatoes in all that oil.
Frying it brings out the flavour and the sweetness of the tomatoes.
I guess it should be on medium heat?
Staff: That's not very precise, is it?
I don't usually do things that precisely when I cook.
I think it's time for the pasta.
7 minutes
Try to boil it for a minute less than the written instructions say.
Frying the tomatoes for 4 to 5 minutes brings out the sweetness
Don't hold back, fry it until it resembles this.
It's good.
I'm… Chef Shori!
I'm… Chef Shori!
That's hot!
Just add it like this, no need for a strainer.
Make sure you add it while the sauce is still hot.
Now, why I'm frying it quite quickly is because
we want to finish off the pasta
by cooking it in the frypan with the tomato sauce.
The tomato flavour was brought out earlier by frying it in the oil.
And it's created this sweet and delicious tomato sauce.
And now the pasta will take on that flavour too.
All done!
Exquisite tomato pasta made with a single ingredient!
Time to eat.
If it's this simple and delicious it'll be a handy dish.
It's so good!
It's so good.
It's so good, truly.
It's only made with tomatoes,
it's a really simple pasta dish.
I urge you to give it a go,
it really does taste great.
You can make this with a single ingredient, you just need tomatoes,
it's an extremely simple pasta dish.
It tastes great, so please make it!
This is the end of Shori's Kitchen Show!
Kitchen Shori!

  • Shori makes a pun - 佐藤料理です (satou ryouri desu) = I'm Sato Ryouri. Ryouri means cooking and rhymes with Shori, I translated it as Chef Shori

  • At the end of Shori's segment he concludes with a portmanteau of Kitchen Show and Shori, giving Kitchen Shori

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