January 26th, 2019

Translation and softsubs: Music Station Super Live 2018.12.21 Sexy Zone and Arashi's talks

I translated Sexy Zone's talk and Arashi's talk from Music Station Super Live 2018.12.21. Sexy Zone performed Karakuri Darake no Tenderness (without Sou), and Arashi performed Kimi no Uta, Natsu Hayate and Wish. Fuma shares a photo of his swollen face after he had his wisdom teeth removed, and Kame and Marius talk about their chance encounter. Arashi talk about what they did in 2018: Sho and Jun both share photos of when they went to Germany (Separately? Together? Who knows.), Ohno says he got his boat licence, and Nino and Aiba talk a bit about "8 ji da J".

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Japanese transcript: arashi-transcripts

Added softsubs for Sexy Zone's performance on 2019.04.25.

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