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Music Station 2020.07.24 Arashi and Sexy Zone talk (translation)

I've translated some parts from Music Station 2020.07.24 where Arashi and Sexy Zone appeared. Both groups answered "What's one of your flaws that you want to fix?" on Youtube; Shori, Kento, Aiba and Sho shared their favourite summer songs, and there's some fun group interactions.

Sexy Zone were the first performers of the night and performed RUN. Arashi performed In The Summer and Kite. I've summarised a couple of parts I'm too lazy to translate into full sentences. I think Arashi might've made a comment right at the end of the show that I've missed, if I find a transcript for it I'll add it in.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes

Youtube videos
Everyone was asked what's one flaw they have that they want to fix

Arashi comment (youtube)

  • Nino: Often says "I'll do this thing tomorrow" but never ends up doing it the next day

  • Sho: Almost always spills food on his clothes when he eats

  • Aiba: Often gets more soumen [noodles] than he can finish eating

  • Ohno: Sleeps on his sofa instead of in his bed

  • Jun: He opens with, "I have too many flaws, do you mind if I spend an hour listing all of them?" Uses phone before sleeping and finds it hard to fall asleep. Even though he wants to sleep soon, he keeps on scrolling through social media

Sexy Zone comment (youtube)
Good evening, I am Nakajima Kento of Sexy Zone. Something I want to fix is that I eat too much chapaguri. Chapaguri appears in the movie "Parasite". It's delicious and I eat it at home all the time. Sometimes I add meat. It's the best. Chapaguri is so delicious I can't stop eating it. There's a little Kenty inside me telling me to keep eating. That's why I can't stop. #ListenToRunBySexyZone. Next up is Shori.

Hi, Shori here! What I want to fix is something that the other members often tell me. When it's early in the morning I mumble when I say good morning. I'm so sleepy I just say "Good morning" in a dull tone. I've been told to be energetic in the morning. So that's what I want to fix. Next up is Marius.

Hello hello! I'm Marius Yo of Sexy Zone. What I want to fix about myself is that when I laugh I sometimes snort. I've been told off about it quite a few times, so I want to stop doing it. But ultimately I have my own quirks, so maybe I'll just take into account the circumstances and adapt my laugh… I dunno. But snorting is embarrassing so I'll stop doing it. Next up is Kikuchi!

I'm Kikuchi Fuma of Sexy Zone. What I want to fix about myself is that I ask SixTONES' Matsumura Hokuto too many questions. I asked him a lot of questions and that put him off. That kinda made me sad. Watch Music Station next!


Tamori: Sexy Zone are the first performers.
Sexy Zone: Thank you for having us.
Tamori: What kind of song will you sing for us today?
Kento: It's an emotional song. Since today is Sports Day it's the kind of song that makes us feel like we can run together with our fans.
Tamori: What do you think of this song, Matsumoto? [Matsumoto Jun of Arashi]
Jun: I like it. The hook feels like a fast-paced sprint. But I guess what I like most of all is the first few lines that Kenty sings. I hope you'll make it sound sexy.
Kento: Wow, fantastic sexy thank you.
Nino: Today's catchphrase is quite long.
Kento: Forgive me.
Tamori: Let's begin.
Marina: Sexy Zone will now perform their newest song, "RUN".

RUN performance

Marina: Now we'll hear from our guests about their favourite summer songs.
Tamori: Let's start with Sexy Zone.
Shori: Mine is "Ikenai Taiyou" by Orange Range. It came out when I was in primary school. Whenever my family went to the beach that song would be playing at the beach clubhouse. Once I went to buy yakisoba at the beach clubhouse, and there was a worker in his 20s. He looked at me, a primary school student, and said, "You, go join Johnny's & Associates!" I think that was probably Johnny [Kitagawa] in his youth!
Kento: There's no way it was.
Shori: I really think it was!
Kento: He wouldn't be there at that time.
Shori: So that's where I met him. (laughs) That's one of my memories.
Marina: What about you, Nakajima?
Kento: Unlike Shori's choice, mine is "Ikenai Taiyou".
Shori: That's the same!
Kento: So it is. I was in a cheering squad and we used the song "Ikenai Taiyou". We argued about whether the hook was the start where they sing "Ikenai Taiyou", or whether it was the part starting with "ABC". That was an intense summer.
Marina: Both parts are exciting, aren't they.
Kento: That's right.

  • Aiba's favourite summer song is Flower by KinKi Kids

  • Sho's favourite song is Yoru Kaze by Ketsumeishi

  • Arashi perform In The Summer

Tamori: Arashi are next.
Arashi: Thank you for having us.
Marina: There's something your juniors Sexy Zone and SixTONES want to tell you today.
Sho: What could it be?
Tamori: What is it, Morimoto from SixTONES?
Morimoto: It's been over 10 years, but once I went to say hello to Arashi and it happened to be my birthday. Ohno said he'd take me fishing for my birthday, but we haven't been able to go. I'm sure he's very busy, but I'd like to know when we can go. So I thought I'd ask.
Ohno: I don't remember saying that.
Jun: You did.
Nino: It seems you did, your junior remembers it.
Morimoto: I was really happy about it.
Ohno: Okay, wanna go?
Morimoto: Yes please! Anywhere's fine.
Ohno: Let's do it.
Morimoto: Thank you.
Sho: That was quick.
Nino: It's been 10 years.
Tamori: Nakajima from Sexy Zone, what about you?
Kento: There's something I want to say to Aiba. I like you.
Aiba: Thanks. Sexy Thank You.
Kento: Thank You Sexy Too.
Sho: You're quick!
Kento: Wait, wait.
Jun: What did you want to tell him?
Kento: I wanted to say, we go to the same boxing gym. I'd like to spar with you.
Aiba: Hang on, there's quite an age gap between me and Kenty. It'd be like beating up a middle-aged man.
Kento: Surely not.
Aiba: Let's do something like skipping.
Kento: Let's have a skipping competition where we double jump.
Aiba: Sure, that's a better idea.
Kento: Got it, we'll do it peacefully.
Tamori: Is there anything Arashi want to say?
Sho: I think there is… Namiki, what did I write on the survey?
Marina: You said that you and Kikuchi still message each other as normal, and there's nothing in particular you want to mention.
Fuma: Hey, hey! Sakurai!
Sho: This is Sakurai.
Fuma: My parents are watching.
Sho: Please forgive me.
Fuma: I'm counting on you.
Sho: I apologise. We often message each other. Speaking of which, my birthday is in January. Just the other day I received a birthday present. It's the kind of rare present which I think he looked hard for. I received it in July.
Fuma: A lot of things happened along the way. Sorry about that.
Sho: Thank you.
Fuma: Thanks for sharing that story.
Tamori: That's pretty late.
Sho: About half a year late. I treasure it.
Marina: Arashi will perform "Kite" for us.
Tamori: Matsumoto, how did you feel when you heard it for the first time?
Jun: Even though I was listening to it for the first time, for some reason it felt nostalgic. Like a melody you felt you'd heard before. I hope that Japanese people might listen to it and immediately like it.
Tamori: Ninomiya, you'll soon be singing, how are you feeling?
Nino: Today we're lucky enough to perform with an orchestra, so we'd like to sing our hearts out.
Tamori: Please stand by.
Arashi: Thank you very much.
Marina: Arashi will perform for us, Nakajima, what are your thoughts?
Kento: Since Yonezu [Kenshi] made the song I think it's going to sound fantastic. I'm excited to listen to it.

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