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Translation and softsubs: Music Station 2017.11.10 (Arashi's talk)

I tried translating Arashi's talk from the Music Station episode on 2017.11.10, before they performed Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~.
Anything written in [square brackets] means I added it, probably to add extra information. Anything underlined means I'm not sure if I translated it correctly.
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Japanese transcript: arashi-transcripts. This blog post also helped during the part where Sho and Ohno talk about reading Sho's script
MEGA (matches raw from amnos-no-asa (talk cut))
MEGA (matches raw from arashigoodies (talk and performance cut) and includes romaji lyrics)
Feedback about the subs and translation is always appreciated! This is only the 3rd video I've ever subbed, so please let me know if the timing is off, or if there are any lines which don't appear for long enough.
I didn't bother translating anything about other artists in the video, only Arashi-related parts.

Note: The title of Matchy's 53rd single which he sang here on Music Station is "Kiseki". Arashi's 53rd single which they also performed here on Music Station is "Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~". That's why it's mentioned a lot. 軌跡 (kiseki) means miracle.


Hironaka: Tonight on Music Station, we have Arashi!
Arashi: It's a pleasure to be here!
Hironaka: And we also have Golden Bomber! Thank you for being here! Now, here's a preview of tonight's highlights! Enjoy.
VTR: Arashi will perform the theme song of the drama Sakurai Sho is starring in. [Golden Bomber… DNCE… The Yellow Monkey… Teshima Aoi… Kondo Masahiko… Film ranking]

Hironaka: After this, Arashi will perform the theme song from the drama Sakurai is starring in, "Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~". You're going to perform for us shortly, so how are you feeling right now?
Sho: We'll be appearing together with our senpai, Matchy, so I'm nervous.
Hironaka: You are nervous, aren't you! Thank you for agreeing to perform!
Sho: I'm looking forward to it!

[VTR: non-Arashi stuff]

Tamori: Kondo Masahiko and Arashi, thank you very much for coming.
Arashi and Matchy: It's a pleasure to be here.
Hironaka: Actually, this is the first time that both Arashi and Kondo Masahiko have come to the studio together.
Tamori: Really?
Matchy: Nice to meet you.
Sho: This isn't the first time we've met! It's the first time, in front of everyone [on Music Station].
Tamori: You haven't appeared together before.
Matchy: That's right.
Sho: Surprisingly.
Matchy: Even though we do meet a lot.
Sho: That's right.

Tamori: Aiba, you're from Chiba?
Aiba: Yes, I'm from Chiba.
Tamori: What's Chiba's specialty?
Aiba: It's specialty… Peanuts, I guess?
Tamori: Seems like that.
Aiba: I guess peanuts come from Chiba… There are also Chiba-kun peanuts. [I think Aiba is wondering if Chiba exports peanuts? Chiba-kun is one of Chiba's mascots. I think Aiba means Chiba sells peanuts with Chiba-kun on the packaging, like this one.]
Hironaka: That's the mascot, right?
Tamori: Well, let's make a start.

Tamori: This time Arashi's song also has the word "kiseki", doesn't it?
Matchy: Yeah, it does.
Nino: No, we removed it.
Hironaka: You removed it!?
Sho: It's just "Doors" now.
Matchy: "Kiseki" was in the title, right?
Nino: Yeah, but we took it out.
Matchy: But it was still there when I saw you rehearsing earlier… We both have "kiseki" in the titles of our 53rd singles [Arashi's and Matchy's]. Maybe Arashi's fans will mistakenly buy my own CD instead.
Tamori: You can standby for your performance.

[Jun's fanboy from Golden Bomber is staring really intensely at Jun this whole time.]

Hironaka: It seems that the title including "kiseki", which is the theme of this time's songs, is something thought up by the president of Johnny's & Associates, Johnny.
Tamori: He thought of it himself.
Hironaka: Yes. It seems that Kondo requested it and Johnny came up with it. [I think Kondo asked for Johnny to think of the title? Not sure.]
Tamori: Let's move on.

Tamori: Next up is Arashi.
Arashi: Thank you for having us.
VTR: The song Arashi will be singing is their latest song, "Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~". And, just before this was Matchy's new song which was sung, titled "Kiseki". Coincidentally, both of these new songs contain "Kiseki" in the title. Both songs will be performed on Music Station.

[I'm not sure why Sho made this face, but it's a great one. Timestamp: 3:58]

VTR: Previously on Music Station, Matchy had this to say about Nino's performance.
VTR Matchy: I was drinking with everyone from Johnny's. The other members, almost everyone was there.
VTR Hironaka: Everyone from Johnny's, right?
VTR Matchy: Yep. There was a huge monitor, showing Arashi on Music Station. Higashiyama and everyone were watching it. When Ninomiya appeared, he winked at us! Gross, we were just winked at!
VTR: Here's Ninomiya's wink which immediately repelled Matchy, who saw it on a big screen. Tonight, will Ninomiya's live wink aimed at Matchy once again cause an explosion?

Tamori: Matchy, do you remember this?
Matchy: I do remember it, but it wasn't just me who pointed it out. Everyone around me went, "Woah!"
Nino: I also remember it pretty well. We met up after that, and he said, "Everyone booed when you winked!" And I thought, what great colleagues I have. I remember that.
Hironaka: Tonight, Arashi will perform their latest song, "Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~" for us.
Tamori: What kind of song is it?
Sho: The song feels a little relaxing, but it's actually the opposite of the song's image. We're dancing a fair bit.
Tamori: Oh, really?
Jun: Surprisingly, the detailed choreography matches the song lyrics very closely, so it was difficult to memorise, right?

Ohno: Indeed.
Aiba: Yeah.
Sho: You're not lively, is something wrong?
Jun: It's your turn [to speak]!
Ohno: My turn?
Sho: You were spacing out, weren't you.
Ohno: Sorry.
Tamori: You were spacing out.
Ohno: Yeah, I'm sorry. I was.
Sho: Were you watching the screen just now?
Tamori: You'll be performing the song from Sakurai's drama.
Sho: Thank you very much. That's right. I had both our preparation meetings for our concert, and drama filming, around the same time. By chance, I had my drama scripts at one of the preparation meetings. They were all in a pile, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 scripts. Having done that, the members, like Matsumoto, usually say, "Let me see your script", and flip through it. And they say stuff like, "You're together with Shoumei this time." Ohno deliberately took the script of the final episode, and jumped recklessly straight to the last scene. Why you wanted to know the last scene that badly…

Ohno: That's why I want to know. I mean, no one knows it. Right now, I'm the only one who knows what happened. It's something valuable, isn't it?
Aiba: You don't know what happens before that?
Ohno: I don't know what happens before that, but right now, I'm the only one who knows the ending.
Sho: Do you remember it?
Ohno: Not that well, but-
Nino: Then you don't know it!
Ohno: But, you know, at that time, when I looked at the script, I just couldn't help myself.
Sho: You couldn't help yourself!
Tamori: There are times when you're not spacing out.
Ohno: Yeah, I'm serious during those kinds of times.
Hironaka: Arashi's newest song will be on straight after this.

Hironaka: Well, Kondo Masahiko, how was tonight's Music Station?
Matchy: Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to see Ninomiya's wink.
Nino: Wait…
Matchy: You winked?
Nino: Even though I did it?
Matchy: I wanted to see it!
Nino: I wonder why it didn't reach you. How frustrating. I did wink!

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