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Translation and subs: Music Station 2017.12.22 Arashi's talk

I tried translating Arashi's talk from the Music Station Super Live 2017.12.22, before they performed Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~, Tsunagu, and Love So Sweet.
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Japanese transcripts: arashi-transcripts, Kuushuugou no Angou blog, and Blue Storm (Ohno fan blog)

These softsubs match the raw from nihonarashi (talk cut). Arashi's talk is mostly in the last 2 and a half minutes of the talk cut, the rest of the video is mainly introducing Arashi and other guests, which I didn't translate because it's just the announcer saying the names of the artist.
These softsubs match the raw from amnos-no-asa (talk and performance). I've included romaji lyrics for the three songs.

Note: Jun and Nakamura Kankuro were classmates together, and Jun's photo is him with Nakamura's two sons.



Host: Arashi are here!
Arashi: Thank you for having us!
Jun: Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, Kinki Kids! Looking forward to it.

This year's last performer for the Super Live is Arashi.
Arashi: Thank you for having us.
Tamori: What are Arashi's photos for this year? // NTS: need to change this line in softsubs

Jun: Here they are. Nakamaru's children, Kantaro and Chouzaburo. This was their stage debut where they inherited their stage names. I intruded into their dressing room to take a commemorative photo of their first play. I was told to bring Jun uchiwas, so I brought them.
Hironaka Ayaka: They're cute, aren't they?
Tamori: This photo should commemorate it, then.
Jun: That's right, it's a very memorable one for me.
Tamori: What about you, Aiba?
Aiba: It's not a photo that ought to be commemorative at all, but…

Tamori: What's this?
Aiba: In Arashi's green room we had some time before the shooting, so we dozed off. Ninomiya sneakily took a photo of the two of us sleeping, and sent it to Arashi's group chat. (to Nino) What did you intend when you took this?
Nino: Do people even sleep like this with the same pose?
Aiba: I know, right.
Sho: You shouldn't take peeping photos, you know.
Nino: I shouldn't? Sorry about that. // NTS: need to change this line in softsubs
Aiba: We're in sync.
Tamori: You really do have the same pose.
Aiba: It seems our way of being tired was identical.
Tamori: Ninomiya, this year you'll be a host for Kouhaku.
Nino: Yes. I'm being allowed to do it. On New Year's Eve. Thank you very much.
Tamori: Did something happen this year, Ohno?
Ohno: This year we went to Johnny's house to give him a birthday present, as a group of five.
Jun: It's been a long time since we met as five.
Ohno and Aiba: That's right.
Ohno: We took a photo of us six at the end, and distributed it to everyone. We're safekeeping the photo.
Tamori: You're going to sing for us soon, so how do you feel?
Sho: This is the first time for us that we've been bestowed with being the last performers, so particularly right now, the atmosphere is a bit nervous. Thank you very much. I think it's been an extravagant Christmassy medley, and we'll do our utmost to embellish our performance.
Jun: We'll do our best.
Hironaka: Arashi will be on stage straight after this.

Before the start of Love So Sweet:
Sho: We're grateful for your continued support in 2017!
Aiba: Thank you so much for letting us perform this year at Super Live!
Ohno: Smiles will overflow next year too!
Nino: We hope it'll become one year! // NTS: need to change this line in softsubs. Also need to watch this to see if my wording is correct
Jun: With all my heart, Happy Merry Christmas!

After the performance:
Tamori: How was it?
Sho: We were nervous, but it was very fun. Since we've been able to watch Music Station for almost four hours, it was really enjoyable.
Tamori: It is.
Jun: I'm happy the audience was excited.
Sho: Thank you very much.
Tamori: Thank you very much.
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