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Translation and softsubs: Music Station 2018.05.18 (Sexy Zone's talk and performance cut)

I translated Sexy Zone's appearance on Music Station 2018.05.18, where they performed Innocent Days. The talk was pretty interesting, with Fuma screaming and making fun of Marius, and Kento being ridiculously obsessed with "innocence". For their performance, I've added English and romaji lyrics.
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

2018.06.26: updated Innocent Days lyrics in the performance

Talk cut: softsubs (matches talk cut by ssnkms on Weibo, which you can download on Baidu. 密码 means "password")
Performance cut: softsubs (matches performance cut by ssnkms on Weibo. This is the same link as the one above)
Talk and performance cut: softsubs (matches talk and performance cut by ssnkms on bilibili). This cut doesn't contain the last part of the talk where Kento comments on the VTR.

Thank you very much to nekosogi who found the first 2 raws!

About the first two subs: timing for the separate talk and performance cuts was difficult, as I couldn't get the subtitles and audio from the ts files to play in VLC. So I ended up converting both files to mp4, and then the subtitles looked weirdly stretched out so I had to change the typesetting. I've fixed the subs so they look normal to me when played with the mp4 version of the ts files. Please let me know if they work for you! The third link (talk and performance cut) definitely works.

You can watch the whole show (raw) on bilibili.


Mini Station (outside the studio)

Hironaka: Tonight on Music Station, we have Sexy Zone!
Sexy Zone: Thank you for having us.
Hironaka: Here's a preview of tonight's highlights.
Narrator: Tonight's Music Station is a drama theme song special! For the first time on TV, Sexy Zone will be performing their song played in the drama that Sato Shori stars in.
Hironaka: Soon, Sexy Zone will perform their latest song for the first time on TV, titled "Innocent Days", which can be heard in the drama that Sato-san is starring it. How do you feel right now?
Shori: This dance is about valuing emotions, so I want to dance with feeling.
Shori: Are you excited or something?

Ranking Corner theme: theme songs from dramas that your parents liked.

Tamori: Next up is Ranking Corner. Nakajima, is there a drama theme song that you learnt from your parents?
Kento: My mother really liked Mukodono, which Nagase from Tokio stars in. My mother really likes Sakuraba Yuichiro, so I've often listened to "Hitoribotchi no Haburashi".
Tamori: It was in Mukodono, wasn't it.
Kento: Have you watched it?
Tamori: No, I haven't seen any of it.
Kento: Then I'll lend you the DVD next time.
Tamori: Next up is Sexy Zone.
Sexy Zone: Thank you for having us.

Narrator: Sexy Zone will be performing the song played in the drama where Sato Shori acts as the subordinate of Nanao, who plays the boss called the devil of HR. Narrator: It's titled "Innocent Days". In the music video…
Shori: With this song… I thought maybe we'd reach the end.
Kento: It was you!?

Narrator: The five members play characters aiming to be artists, and give an innocent performance. Additionally, their latest song is packed full of innocence, and will soon be performed for the first time on TV.

Tamori: What kind of song is it?
Shori: We, Sexy Zone, haven't done many songs like that. It's a very pretty and gentle ballad.
Kento: Especially at the start, because the theme is "innocence", today I hope to address the audience by singing with a truly innocent voice.
Shori and Tamori: An innocent voice?
Kento: Yes, an innocent voice. The choreography as well is quite, well-
Tamori: The choreography-?
Kento: We tried to express it in a contemporary manner with the five of us. We'd like to perform what's called a pure and innocent dance.
Tamori: An innocent dance?
Kento: We'll try to. Also, even Tamori can probably do the finger choreography. With your index finger, tap your chest twice. And then lastly move your innocent finger forward.
Shori and Tamori: Innocent finger?
Kento: That's an important element.
Fuma: Please don't be surprised, but he just wanted to say "innocent".
Kento: That's right. Sorry about that.
Tamori: You're about to perform for us. How are you feeling?
Marius: Marius will do his best as innocent Marius!
Fuma: Please don't be surprised, but he just wanted to say "Marius".
Marius: That's right.
Fuma: Please excuse him.
Tamori: Please stand by.
Sexy Zone: Thank you.
Tamori: Yui, what are your thoughts, since Sexy Zone are about to perform for us?
Yui: My friend is a huge fan of Nakajima, and his handshake events are amazing. He spends such a long time for fans, I felt like I became a fan, too.
Tamori: Really?
Yui: It surprised me.
Tamori: His handshake events are amazing?
Yui: Yes, if a fan says "please marry me", he might reply, "Then let's go greet your parents." It's amazing, and felt really surprising.
Hironaka: That's just like him.
Tamori: Now, let's begin.
Hironaka: Sexy Zone, "Innocent Days". Enjoy.

Tamori: Marius debuted when he was in primary school, right?
Marius: Yes, I was 11 years old, so that was in 6th grade.
Fuma: Wow, back then. At that time, Marius and Matsushima fought over the double bun hairstyle.
Kento: Yeah, you guys did.
Sou: We didn't.
Fuma: You fought so much about it.
Sou: We didn't.
Marius: We used to fight a lot.
Tamori: Now you're in university?
Marius: Yes, I started this year.
Fuma: But even in the university cafeteria, he says stuff like "thank you very Marius for the food".
Tamori: You do?
Marius: Yes, but my friends also say it.
Hironaka: They're kind.
Marius: They are.
Fuma: I'm a bit worried about whether or not he can really make friends.
Marius: I'm fine.

VTR: Makuhari Sougou High School danced to "Love So Sweet", Hana Yori Dango season 2's theme song, by Arashi.

Hironaka: That was fantastic.
Tamori: How was that, Nakajima?
Kento: The production was amazing, and everyone danced in sync. And the buildings in Makuhari Sougou High School were cool, weren't they? They did a cool dance while using what they had. I thought the boys who sometimes appeared really felt like the F4.
Hironaka: That's right.
Tamori: It was amazing.
Hironaka: We've finished the special on drama theme songs. HKT48 member Sashihara, how was tonight?
Sashihara: You were in one of the videos from the dramas shown earlier.
Hironaka: Yes, I was.
Tamori: What?
Hironaka: I appeared in a scene at a ramen restaurant.
Tamori: Really?

[Kento does the "innocent finger" choreo right at the end]

Marius says "頑張りマリウス" (ganbarimarius), and "いただきマリウス" (itadakimarius), his trademark catchphrases.
The literal name of the hair style that Fuma says Marius and Sou fought over is the "sheep hairstyle".
Makuhari Sougou High School in Chiba prefecture danced to Love So Sweet, the theme song for Hana Yori Dango season 2. The F4 are the four rich popular male students at Eitoku Academy, where Hana Yori Dango is set.
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