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Translation: The Music Day 2018.07.07 Sexy Zone's talk

I translated Sexy Zone's talk on The Music Day 2018.07.07, before they performed Innocent Days and danced to Beyonce's Crazy in Love with Watanabe Naomi. Sou and Marius got to talk which was a really nice change, compared to their appearances on Music Station this year! Sho gave Marius an opportunity to say his catchphrase.
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

: Here is Sexy Zone!
Shori: Good evening!
Sou and Marius: Thank you for having us!
Sho: Thank you for being our guests.
Shori, Kento and Fuma: Thank you for having us.
Sho: Well, Sexy Zone will be the main personality for this year's 24 Hour TV. Shori-kun.
Shori: Yes?
Sho: Your thoughts?

Shori: It's a huge honour and I would like to tackle it earnestly. And I want to exert myself by going beyond the things I can do. That's a challenge I'm resolved to take on.
Sho: That's a great thing to say.
Shori: Not at all, I'll just try my best.

Sho: Good luck. Regarding the t-shirts, Watanabe Naomi-san produced the charity t-shirts for 24 Hour TV. Hanekoshi-san, Funakoshi-san and Cookie-san are currently wearing these t-shirts. Matsushima-kun, what's your opinion? Seeing everyone wear them, what do you think?

Sou: Hello, my name is Matsushima Sou. The t-shirts really suit everyone, and looking at everyone who is kindly wearing them, Matsushima Sou also feels so good and so happy!
Shori: That completely fell flat.
Fuma: You better watch out when we're backstage.
Announcers: Please stand by.
Sho: Marius, Marius, step forward and say a few words.

[Marius' face, before and after Fuma warns him]

Marius: Please support Marius!
Fuma: Watch out when we're backstage.
Sho: Do your best, Marius.


I'm not 100% sure if the name of one of the people wearing the 24 Hour TV charity t-shirt is Hanekoshi-san.
Marius says お願いしマリウス = onegaishimariusu, a play on お願いします = onegaishimasu, which means "please support us".

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