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アイドルの僕ら (We Are Idols - Kento and Sou) translation

Kento and Sou created the short comic アイドルの僕ら (We Are Idols) as a part of Sexy Zone's TV show, "Will a person's life change in just 3 days!?", which aired on 2018.08.13. I highly recommend watching the episode before reading this manga, because there are spoilers about how Kento and Sou came up with their idea.

[Spoiler (read after watching the TV show)]Although their goal was to get 2000 hits on Comic-Essay without it being found out that it was created by Kento and Sou, people discovered that they were the authors. It spread on social media, and their manga got 253 741 hits.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

アイドルの僕ら (We Are Idols) by Nakajima Kento and Matsushima Sou

Chapter 1

Hello, it's nice to meet you. We are the creators of this composition, Takeshi and Satoshi.
We are idols.
Let's begin with the story of Takeshi's origin as an idol.

When I was in middle school, I saw idols on TV, and I wanted to sparkle like them.

But the world of idols is strict, and my scary strict mother said,
Mum: "What can I do for you!? You'll never make it without self-confidence!"
Takeshi, thinking: Self-confidence…

Because of those strict words, I entered a piano competition for the first time.
I somehow managed to succeed, and I gained confidence in myself.

Mum: That was great! Go for it.
Takeshi: I'll do my best, Mum!
And so, I wrote a resume and sent it to the agency.

The reply came by fax, rather than post.
Takeshi: It hasn't come by post yet.
Fax: "Please come tomorrow!!"
It was quite abrupt…

At the audition:
Important person: Who has something they're good at?
Takeshi: I do!!
When no one else raised their hand, I plucked up the courage to put up my hand.

I played the piano.
Important person: Yo!! That's good.
Thanks to that, I was somehow able to pass. Thanks to my scary Mum.

Chapter 2

I'm Satoshi. I used to think that when idols finished their work, they would go home in a luxury car, or on a white horse.

I wrote a resume with my older sister and sent it to the agency.
Satoshi: Luxury car!
Sister: Yeah! Haha, a luxury car.

In my case it wasn't a fax, but a phone call.
Phone: Please come tomorrow!
Moreover, it came in the middle of the night at 2am.

When I entered the agency, I was astonished.
Person: Mornin'. My train was running late.
Satoshi: What!? No luxury car?
All senior trainees came to work in the usual way, by train.

One day, we trainees were told that we would debut. In my case, it had been 8 months since I had joined the agency.
Takeshi-kun: 4 years
Congratulations on your debut CD!!
But the trainees who couldn't debut… pretty much remained in a strict world.

Sister: You're busy, aren't you!!
Upon debuting, I became extremely busy.
This is what my calendar turned into.

Calendar: 0 days off

I appeared on a music show for the first time.
Manager, to the two members and an important person: Time to go home!
After our meeting where we reviewed the performance, on the way home from the TV station, just when I had hoped for a luxury car…

We still took the train.
Sign: Shibuya station
Satoshi: The luxury car? The white horse?
As new idols, we rode the train as usual when commuting to and from work.

Chapter 3

On a certain day, I felt down.

My period as a trainee was short, and there were differences between me and the other member.
Choreographer: You're slow at learning choreography! You too, lead properly!
Of course, as it was a shared responsibility, we were both scolded.

I still couldn't speak well, even on variety shows.
MC: What have you been up to recently?
Satoshi: Um, well, ah…
The producer would also scold me.

At those times, we two were always cheered up by our fan letters.
Letter: I love you, Satoshi.

Satoshi-kun felt uplifted by those expressions of love.
But as for Takeshi-kun…

He grew further depressed.

One fan letter…
Letter: Talk more on variety shows!! You're not the Takeshi I like. From your fan

Satoshi: Are you okay?
Takeshi: Yeah…
The fan appeared to resemble his mother.

Chapter 4 (final)

Takeshi: Next time I'm going to try playing piano on stage!

Paper: Concert ticket
Crying mother: It's good to be confident. Do your best!
They did things like inviting their family to the concert.

And appearing on many TV shows to talk about it.
Sister: For real?
Satoshi: Yep, I'm soon going to try a hairstyle I haven't had before!

We are repaying our debts to those who helped us.
TV: Satoshi with an afro
Sister: Is this Satoshi!?

Fan letters are delivered to us every day.
We feel blessed to be privileged with receiving this many.

If it weren't for all of our fans, we couldn't be idols.

We would like to keep running.
Satoshi: Did something good happen?
Takeshi: Well, I'll be able to achieve my next dream!!

Whatever happens, we hope to continue repaying the kindness of our fans who support us as idols.
Letter: Take us to Tokyo Dome next <3 from a fan of both of you


Connections between the manga and Sexy Zone:

  • The names Takeshi and Satoshi are derived from Kento and Sou. The first kanji of Kento (健人) can be Takeshi (健) (wiktionary), and Sou (聡) can be pronounced Satoshi (聡) (wiktionary)

  • Kento (Takeshi) can play the piano

  • Sou (Satoshi) has an older sister

  • In Chapter 1, Takeshi is 24 years old, and Satoshi is 20 years old, the same ages as Kento and Sou in 2018

  • In Chapter 2, Takeshi debuted after 4 years, while Satoshi debuted for 8 months. Kento debuted 3.5 years after joining Johnny's & Associates, and Sou debuted after 8 months

  • In Chapter 2, the calendar shows Satoshi has no days off in November due to their debut. Sexy Zone debuted with the release of their single, "Sexy Zone", on November 16th 2011

  • In Chapter 4, Satoshi gets an afro. In the episode of "Will a person's life change in just 3 days!?" which aired on 2018.04.11, Sou got dreadlocks

  • At the end of Chapter 4, Takeshi and Satoshi say they would like to "keep running". Sexy Zone have a documentary called "Keep Running"

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