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Qrzone snippets (2017.12.20, 2018.01.01, 2018.01.02, 2018.01.09, 2018.01.10, 2018.01.18)

I translated some segments from various Qrzone episodes from December 2017 and January 2018. I used the scans from Myojo March 2018 kindly shared by yoshiko-mama in this post, since they had partial transcripts, which are incredibly useful! Highlights include: Kento's dream wedding location, Sou and Marius telling each other that they love each other, Marius imitating a dog, Fuma saying how he would react if Kento gave him 100 roses, and Marius trying to solve a riddle.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!
Anything in (round brackets) was in the transcript, whereas the notes I've added are in [square brackets].

Qrzone 2017.12.20 Fuma and Kento
Segment: Opening talk

Note: Kento's film "Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai" [I'm a minor but I'm not a child] was released on 2018.12.23, three days after this episode aired.

In relation to the film Kento starred in, "Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai", they talked about their ideal weddings!

Kento: Good evening, this is Sexy Zone's Nakajima Kento.
Fuma: Hello, this is Sexy Zone's Kikuchi Fuma. Let's start straight away with the opening message. It's from Moka, who lives in Niigata prefecture. "Good evening, Sexy Zone."
Kento: Good evening.
Fuma: This is nice. "The movie Kento-kun stars in, 'Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai' will be released on the 23rd of December."
Kento: Thank you very much.
Fuma: "Congratulations."
Kento: Thanks!
Fuma: "So in relation to the movie, I have a question for everyone: what kind of location and wedding ceremony would you like to have? Please share your ideal wedding." Wow. They included an advertisement, and the topic is also in line with it, which lets you promote it.
Kento: I can promote it.
Fuma: Moka is promoting it.
Kento: That makes me happy.
Fuma: She's a capable woman. What kind of location and ceremony would you like to choose?
Kento: Well, it's gotta be Hawaii, I guess. I'd like to see my girlfriend in a wedding dress with a cloudless sky above her, somewhere in Hawaii where the sea is visible.
Fuma: Of course. That seems nice. You often hear about celebrities having ceremonies in Hawaii.
Kento: Yeah.
Fuma: It'd be quite pretty.
Kento: It's nice, isn't it. What about Kikuchi the celebrity?
Fuma: Honestly, anything's fine. Or rather, I think it's a woman's dream, so the wedding should be as she wants it. Japanese clothes are also fine.
Kento: Oh? You won't think something like, "I want to wear Western clothes!"
Fuma: Not really. Just what the girl likes.
Kento: If she wants you to wear a hakama, you'd wear a hakama.
Fuma: If you put it that way, I might be a be a bit impassive.
Kento: But that's a good thing. Then if the girl said she wanted two, what would you do?
Fuma: Two?
Kento: Both Western and Japanese clothes.
Fuma: You mean both outfits? I'll go, "Understood." But it's embarrassing. I might find a wedding ceremony embarrassing.
Kento: Oh, really? A wedding ceremony seems kind of nice.
Fuma: It might be so embarrassing I can't go through with it.
Kento: Do you have anything ideal, like what age you want to get married at?
Fuma: 30.
Kento: That's good. A good one.
Fuma: In 8 years.
Kento: Nice, nice. 30 would be wonderful. You do have an ideal age to marry at.
Fuma: That's what I think.
Kento: I think it's good. I think 30 is the best.
Fuma: Definitely 30 for me.
Kento: I think that's good.

Qrzone 2018.01.01 Sou and Marius
Segment: I want to try this Zone

Note: You can listen to the audio of this segment here on twitter, by shori_126.

The new corner starts! Listeners send in things they want the two people in the booth to try. As an example, they'll play the game where they tell the other person "I love you" while maintaining eye contact, and whoever is more embarrassed loses.

Sou: I've played this before with Kento-kun.
Marius: Are you confident? Then shall we play so that whoever shows their teeth first loses?
Sou: I see. Whoever grins loses. Want to try it?
Marius: Okay.
Sou: Mari, I love you.
Marius: I LOVE you!!
Sou: I love you too.
Marius: I like YOU.
Sou: I love you more. I love you.
(Marius grins)
Sou: You smiled! Yay! Wasn't that quick!? You came up with that rule, and you were the first to smile.
Marius: Hang on, that's not it. The games are like what we just did?
Sou: This kind of game. You were the one who came up with the rule that whoever shows their teeth loses, right?
Marius: I thought we might've been practising.
Sou: Yeah, it was an example. It'll be something along those lines. We'll find out about the different games that the younger generation plays, won't we?
Marius: That's right.
Sou: So, possibly depending on whether or not we have already played the games, all of us will play, and it might even become a fad.

Qrzone 2018.01.02 Sou and Marius
Segment: Opening talk

You can listen to the audio of the full episode shared by xokurinx on twitter. This segment starts at 0:25. I highly recommend listening to Marius' imitating a dog.

It's the year of the dog, so Marius imitates a dog!

Sou: Good evening, I am Sexy Zone's Matsushima Sou.
Marius: Woof evening. Woof woof! Since it's the year of the dog, woof. I'm Marius Yo.
Sou: So cute. (claps) It's not written in the script, though.
[they talk a little more, but it wasn't in the transcript]
Sou: But it was cute so I think it's fine.
Marius: But hang on. I can copy a dog.
Sou: Do it.
Marius: Woof! Woof woof! Grrrr. (It's pretty realistic)
Sou: Ooooh.
Marius: Isn't that pretty good?
Sou: Let's start with the messages. This one is from "I am also Sato", who lives in Tokyo.
Marius: Don't ignore me.
Sou: It was cute.

Qrzone 2018.01.09 Fuma and Shori
Segment: What would you say Zone

Shori: This message is from Half Potato Half Sweet Potato, who lives in Kyoto prefecture. "What would you do when you receive 100 roses from Nakajima Kento, even though it's not an anniversary or holiday?" Come on, isn't this just poking fun of Kento?
Fuma: What would you say?
Shori: It's not any kind of anniversary or holiday? I get 100 roses?
Fuma: Yep.
Shori: "What sort of time did you buy it?"
Fuma: I'd say one thing.
Shori: One thing?
Fuma: "Fabulous!!"
Shori: Hahahahaha! What does "fabulous" mean again?
Fuma: "Fabulous" is a word often used by people like the Kano sisters.
Shori: Ah, like "beautiful"?
Fuma: Kind of like "other-worldly". Like the younger Kano sister would say to the older sister that she's a fabulous older sister.
Shori: I might have seen that.
Fuma: When I heard it, I thought it was a lovely word.
Shori: I get it.
Fuma: When I thought, who would fit that word, they were right next to me.
Shori: They were next to you. Fabulous Kenty. If someone told him he was fabulous, I wonder what he would reply.
Fuma: Sexy Thank You.
Shori: He would say that.

You can read about the Kano sisters on wikipedia

Qrzone 2018.01.10 Fuma and Shori
Segment: Opening talk

Shori: Good evening, this is Sexy Zone's Sato Shori.
Fuma: I'm Kikuchi Fuma.
Shori: I'll start straight away with the opening message. It's from Natsuki-san, who lives in Chiba prefecture. "Good evening."
Fuma: Good evening.
Shori: "I'd like to ask you about the way you call the other members' names. Kento-kun and Fuma-kun both call each other by their last names, but is it true that in private you call each other by your first names?"
Fuma: No, that's false. We hardly ever meet privately.
Shori: You don't really meet at all, in private.
Fuma: I'd probably call him Nakajima in private.
Shori: "In the past you used to call each other by your first names, but now, occasionally, Fuma-kun will suddenly call him Kento, and Kento-kun will call him Fuma, so I became curious as to whether or not that was true."
Fuma: I've always called him Nakajima.
Shori: You don't normally call him Nakajima-kun?
Fuma: I haven't called him that many times. He was older - well, he's still older than me.
Shori: The way you call him has kind of been distorted.
Fuma: That's right, it has been.
Shori: You hear it many times, each time, Nakajima Kento.
Fuma: I probably felt like I didn't know what I should call him.
Shori: How about trying to call him Kenty, from now on?
Fuma: Nah, I might laugh. I might end up saying, "Kenty haha".
Shori: Haha! Isn't that hilarious?
Fuma: Kenty is a nice nickname, isn't it?
Shori: It is, yeah.
Fuma: Like how Yamashita-kun [Yamashita Tomohisa] is called Yama P, and Takizawa-kun [Takizawa Hideaki] is called Takki. And yet it seems a bit different.
Shori: Well, a little.
Fuma: It's fabulous! Kenty is.
Shori: Of course. That's expected.
Fuma: It might be hard to call him Kenty. I might not be up for it yet, I haven't reached that point yet.
Shori: I see.
Fuma: Everyone apart from me often calls him Kenty, don't they?
Shori: Yeah. But our ages, or rather our history, is separated, so I think that's why we can call him that.
Fuma: You can't call him Kento, but you can call him Kenty, and you don't feel as distant than if you called him Kento-kun.
Shori: Yeah.

Qrzone 2018.01.18 Shori and Marius
Segment: Riddle Zone

Note: Cedar (杉) is pronounced "sugi", like (好き) is pronounced "suki", and kiss (キス) is pronounced "kisu". If you reverse the syllable order of "suki", you'll get "kisu" (as Marius first points out). If you reverse the syllable order of "sugi", you'll get "gisu" (as Shori points out straight after).

Marius displays his unique train of thought with a series of strange answers! In particular he answers the riddle:
"One day, Kento confessed to Mariko under a cherry blossom tree, and was rejected. However, when Kento confessed to Mariko underneath a cedar tree on the next day, they started dating. Why?"
Shori gets fed up with this riddle.

Marius: I think I know this. Because if you switch "cedar" [sugi], you can get kiss [kisu], so they kissed, right?
Shori: Do you think that if you can kiss, you can start dating?
Marius: No! It's because of "kiss" [kisu] and "cedar" [sugi].
Shori: If it's "cedar" [sugi] it'll become "gisu".
Marius (is in his own world, not listening to Shori's words): Ah! Kiss [kisu]… love [suki]! It's "love" [suki]. Kiss [kisu]… love [suki]. Right?
Shori: I wonder if he can hear me.
Marius: Gisuken?
Shori: What's "gisuken"?
Marius: Wait, can you say it again? He was rejected beneath a cherry blossom tree, right?
Shori (giving a hint): Why did her feelings change?
Marius: Because of the different types of trees. Something related to the aroma.
Shori: That's not a riddle, that would be from reasoning.
Marius: Wait, I'll try again.
Shori: It's about what changed from being beneath a cherry blossom tree, to being beneath a cedar.
Marius: At the cherry blossom tree she liked Cherry-chan, at that time.
Shori: And beneath the cedar?
Marius: Cedar… I dunno. It's to do with "cedar" [gisu] and "radec" [sugi], right? That's why it's "love" [suki]…
Shori: Have you ever heard yourself on the radio?
Marius: I have.
Shori: Have you? I wonder. If you have, then I'm worrying for no reason. Have you really? Do you understand what you're saying?
Marius: I do!
Shori: Do you ever hear it again and think, "What was I talking about?" Is that way of listening fun, do you think?
Marius: I think, "This person's a bit strange."
Shori: Don't say that about yourself.
Marius: But it's "cedar" [gisu], right? (Marius is still thinking)
[In the episode aired, the segment ends here.]
Shori: It's not about the cedar.
Marius: Is it to do with "talking things over" [gisuru]? (No matter what, he won't leave "cedar" alone)
Shori: The answer is, her feelings changed.
Marius: Oh, so that's it!

Phonetically, "tree" (木) and "feelings" (気) are the same sound - "ki". So the tree (ki) changed (from cherry blossom to cedar), and thus Mariko's feelings (ki) also changed.
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