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Translation: Music Station Ultra Fes 2018.09.17 (Arashi and Sexy Zone)

I tried translating Arashi and Sexy Zone's appearance on Music Station Ultra Fes 2018.09.17. Sexy Zone performed "Gyutto", and Arashi performed "Troublemaker", "Love so sweet", and "Truth". Kento talked about his friendship with Shigeoka from Johnny's WEST, Sexy Zone looked like they were having so much fun performing "Gyutto", and then Jun and Ohno talked about the choreography they liked.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes! I translated most of this by ear.

Links to raws:
Arashi VTR, talk and performance cut: amnos-no-asa
Arashi performance cut: saobang2211
Arashi performance cut: arashigoodies
Sexy Zone talk and performance cut: ssnkms (bilibili)

Partial transcripts:

Tamori: The next performance will be a Johnny's Dance Medley.
Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z and Johnny's WEST: Thank you for having us.
Tamori: Do you contact each other?
Kento: In magazine interviews I often say that I'm close friends with Shigeoka-kun from Johnny's WEST, but it's already been four or five years since we last ate a meal together.
Fuma: Then you're not close friends, are you.

Kento: So I thought maybe we should just stop being close friends.
Shigeoka: What? Hang on, I do invite you out, but you always say stuff like, "Sexy Sorry" and turn me down. That's why we can't go for a meal together.
Kento: The timing truly just doesn't work out. He'll tell me to reply, but when I say that I'll reply when I'm free, he'll tell me in his distinctive sweet voice, "When you put it like that, I'm sorry." [Kento impersonates Shigeoka's voice]
Fuma: Thank you for the impersonation… this is something for everyone to laugh at.
Nozomu Kotaki: Is it? Because Shige's voice isn't that well-known throughout Japan.
Shigeoka: But when we met today, he said, "I'm happy that we're able to meet." I don't want to stop being close friends.
Kento: Really?
Shigeoka: Yep.
Kento: Then I don't want to either. Sexy thank you.
Shigeoka: Sexy you're welcome.
Fuma: Could you please do this backstage?

Tamori: What are your thoughts, now that you're about to sing for us?
Fuma: We, Sexy Zone, will be singing a song called "Gyutto". We five came up with the choreography for the chorus, and we hope everyone can dance along.

Kawai Fumito: We jump high at the start of the chorus, but all of us except for Hashimoto are in our 30's. We'll jump so sprightly you wouldn't believe we're in our 30's, so please keep an eye out for that part.
Kento: There are still plenty of men over 30 who dance.
Kawai Fumito: Thanks, sexy thank you.
Kento: Sexy thank you too.


Ranking: I like this song's choreography! Top 50

#44: Arashi - One Love (2008)
#25: Arashi - GUTS! (2014)
#11: Arashi - A.RA.SHI (1999)

Hironaka Ayaka: Actress Hirosue Ryoko-san is here to support Arashi today.
Ryoko: Good evening.
Tamori: You're in a drama with Aiba?
Aiba: That's right, I'm in "Boku to Shippo to Kagurazaka" with Hirosue-san, which starts on October 12th. [Note: Title means "Me and Shippo and Kagurazaka"]
Tamori: Me and Shippo?
Aiba: Shippo is an animal, since I'm acting as a vet. It's set in Kagurazaka.

Hoshino Gen: There was a music video where the lighting in one scene had a sort of funeral-like theme. When this lighting was used on the Kouhaku curtain, it would turn black and white, like the colour had disappeared. That was the production idea I came up with, and the one who told me about that lighting was Jun-kun.
Jun: That was when we were eating, right? We ate while talking about the contents of that music video. We were able to use it for our concert. Originally I saw it being used in Noda Hideki-san's play.

Tamori: The next performance will be by Arashi.
Arashi: Thank you for having us.
Jun: Good evening.
Tamori: Is there a particular piece of choreography you like?
Jun: Yes, the one I chose was Shonentai's "Wangan Skier". I love it. Just before this Higashiyama-san performed it for us. The choreography is so difficult, and at that time we were still small, but Leader was pretty senior amongst us Juniors and regularly danced in it, but we weren't really allowed to. They said it was because it was very difficult. I remember that.
Ohno: For me, it's Shonentai's song "Maitta ne Konya". It's amazing how Shonentai can give off an adult feeling in their jazz dance. We've had the privilege of dancing to it, and the jazz dance really is quite difficult.
Tamori: The adult aura is difficult, isn't it?
Ohno: Ours didn't really have that aura.
Jun: Back in those days.

Hironaka: Arashi will perform Troublemaker, Love so sweet and Truth in a special medley at Hills Arena.
Tamori: What are your thoughts since you're about to sing for us?
Sho: Well, it's been quite some time since we were last at Hills Arena. It seems to be raining a little.
Tamori: Not just a little, it's been raining heavily today.
Sho: Really? By the time we finish we might end up drenched. We'd like to have fun while performing.

Tamori: V6, what are your thoughts since Arashi is about to perform for us?
Inohara Yoshihiko: We are grateful for this chance to learn from our seniors, Arashi.
Nino: You can't say that. You absolutely can't.
Tamori: Your thoughts, Hirosue-san?
Ryoko: Good luck in the rain! I'll cheer you on.
Arashi: Thank you very much.


Jun: Thank you for being here when it's raining!
Aiba: Thank you!
Sho: To the people watching Music Station Ultra Fes, and the people in Hills Arena: are you ready?
Jun: Jump!

Jun: Hey guys! Thanks to all of you, we've made it to 19 years! Leader, if you'd like to say something.
Ohno: Thank you very much!

Jun: We're truly always thankful! Please support us even in our 20th year.

"Wangan Skier" was released in 1998, and "Maitta ne Konya" was released in 1989.

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