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Yamapi - Never Lose (kanji, romaji and English lyrics - short version)

As an Ace Attorney fan, I couldn't resist having a go at translating Yamapi's song for the second season of the Ace Attorney anime! I've only translated the short version, since the song will be released as a single in 2019.02.13.
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Lyrics edited on 2019.04.13

Kanji lyrics:


Trapped me in your lies…

虚偽に汚された世界 Fake News の雨
呼び続けてた Your Name
逃れようと走る街 少し立ち止まり
見上げた空は Blue

I know 自由を強引に信じていた
真っ黒な幻想は もう終わったんだ

嘘で固めた Reality 弁解の余地なんて無い
Never Ever Lose
今 "右か左か" その "嘘か真か"
判決下す 真実はすぐ側にある掴む
Nothing But The Truth


Trapped me in your lies…

Kyogi ni kegasareta sekai Fake News no ame
Yobi tsudzuketeta Your Name
Nogareyou to hashiru machi sukoshi tachidomari
Miageta sora wa Blue

I know jiyuu o gouin ni shinjiteita
Makkuro na gensou wa mou owattan da
Kodoku janai koto ga boku no shouko

Uso de katameta Reality benkai no yochi nante nai
Kiseki o tsukitsuke gyakuten
Never Ever Lose
Ima "migi ka hidari ka" sono "uso ka makoto ka"
Hanketsu kudasu shinjitsu wa sugusoba ni aru tsukamu
Nothing But The Truth


Trapped me in your lies…

In a world polluted by lies and showers of fake news
I kept calling your name
I ran down a street, trying to escape     Stopping for a second
I looked up and saw that the sky was blue

I know I strongly believed in freedom
Those dark visions have already ended
My proof is that I'm not alone

There's no room for excuses in a reality made up of lies
Turn it around to perform a miracle
Never ever lose
Left or right? Truth or lies?
Hand down your ruling     The truth is right here
Seize nothing but the truth
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