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24 Hour TV 2018.08.26 - Sexy Zone's speeches

I translated Sexy Zone's speeches for 24 Hour TV 2018.08.26. All of them spoke beautifully, and Shori and Kento even got emotional when they gave their speeches. So I really recommend watching Sexy Zone give their speeches! You can watch it here:
Sexy Zone's 24 HR TV speech 2018, uploaded on Naver by pickjh96

Japanese transcript:

In the last summer of the Heisei period, we, Sexy Zone, met people who changed our lives. The encounter that changed my life was with Mark and Robin from the water show. I lived a life where I avoided things I couldn't do. However, no matter what difficulties Mark and Robin had, they both faced their problems head on. They touched my heart and made me realise that growth is linked with trying things that I can't do. After the water show finished, Mark said to me, "I won't lose anymore. So, you too, Kikuchi-san, do your best as Sexy Zone." I wonder if there will be people watching me if I try as hard as I can. From now on, so that I don't feel ashamed in front of those two or in front of anyone, I fervently hope that without fail, as a group of five, we will see the scenery from the top. And not just the scenery from the peak, but also the scenery on the way to the top. Thank you very much.

The encounter that changed my life was meeting the orchestra members. Because there have been many times in my life where I have worried about things by myself. I used to think that it was uncool to ask for other people's advice and consult others, but I realised that's not true, and that cooperating with other people is valuable. The world that one person thinks of by themselves will only become a small world. I believe that the world built by everyone working together will be an enormous world, so from now on, with these four people here [Sexy Zone], I'd like us to do our best by working together with those around us. And, to my Papa and Mama who gave birth to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much.

The encounter that changed my life was meeting my blind dance partner, Ikeda Yukiko-san. I debuted just eight months after joining my agency. I would fall behind the other four members in dance, singing and other things, and then I would panic. There were times when I was had no idea how to be myself in front of others. But this is what Yukiko-san said to me, as I easily worry about those kinds of things. "Whatever kind of past I have, I'm here in the present. Whether or not I have regrets, my present self was created by my past. That's why I smile and make the most of the present." With those words in my heart, I'd like to live the rest of my life smiling. Thank you very much.

The encounter that changed my life was also meeting my blind dance partner, Nishi Risa-san. I'm the youngest in our group, and so far I have kept on relying on the other four members. However, thanks to meeting Risa-san and leading a person for the first time in my life, I noticed that if I change, even just a little, the people around me will change. From now on, I would like to personally change other people's lives. Please do try to change the lives of those around you by changing yourself a little.

The encounter that changed my life was with Ishinomori Shotarou-sensei. Until now, I was obsessed with aiming to be a perfect idol, and I found it hard to show my weaknesses in front of others. But when Shotarou-sensei went through difficult times, he would be honest with his group of friends at Tokiwa Manor and vent his feelings, and overcome obstacles. Spending 24 Hour TV with these friends, I feel like I've been able to become more honest. I am truly grateful to Sexy Zone, and I really do love Sexy Zone. And to everyone kindly supporting us, I'll keep on loving you. Thank you.
The Heisei period began in 1989, and will end on the 30th of April, 2019 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heisei_period).
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