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Translation and subs: Music Station 2018.10.19 (Arashi's talk)

I translated Arashi's talk on Music Station 2018.10.19, where they performed "Kimi no Uta" and Daikichi (the dog from Boku to Shippo to Kagurazaka) made an appearance. Aiba talks about Chiba and concert goods, a surprising discovery is made about Sho, Jun reveals he loves Bump of Chicken, and Ohno talks about pets he used to own.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes! I may have gotten the Sandwichman duo's lines swapped, I'm not 100% sure if it's Date or Tomizawa speaking if the camera isn't on them.

I'm so thankful for Japanese transcripts! I used these two:
https://ameblo.jp/yu-woody/entry-12413065739.html (for Mini Station)

Links to the raws:
arashigoodies (this is the version I watched, it has Arashi's entrance, the talk parts in this post, and performance)
yumenohashi (it has Mini Station, Arashi's entrance, Arashi's talk and their performance)

Update (2018.12.03)
Winkychan has very kindly subbed this video! It includes Arashi's performance of "Kimi no Uta" with English subs by mariposa-chan. Hardsubs are available here:
MEGAMediafire (mirror)  |  4shared (mirror)

Mini Station

Marina: Tonight on Music Station we have Arashi!
Aiba: Thank you for having us.
Marina: We have a special guest tonight, Daikichi, who appears in the drama starring Aiba-san.
Aiba: It's Daikichi-kun! He appears pretty often in the drama. Today he's come here to play.
Marina: Arashi, how excited are you for tonight?
Aiba: We'll do our best together with Daikichi-kun!

In studio

Tamori: Thank you for being our guests.
Arashi: Thank you for having us.
Marina: Tonight Arashi will perform the theme song of Aiba-san's drama, "Kimi no Uta", for the first time.
Aiba: That's right, thank you.
Tamori: It's the theme song for a drama?
Aiba: Yes, and later on, the white dog that appears in the drama, Daikichi-kun, will also come here.

Tamori: Arashi, are there any special products from your hometown that you recommend?
Aiba: Yes, since I'm from Chiba, we have Miso Peanuts. Have you ever eaten it, Tamori-san?
Tamori: Yes, I have had Miso Peanuts.
Aiba: It's great, isn't it? It's nice with rice, or just eating it plain.
Tamori: It depends on your tastes- you have it with rice?
Aiba: It goes well with rice! …It depends on your taste. I'm sorry, I'll stop talking.
Ranking: No. 1 artists which that reinvigorated their hometowns, for each of the 47 prefectures
Narrator: The Number 1 artist who reinvigorated Tokyo is Arashi.

Flashback to a previous episode of Music Station:

Aiba: Since the other four members are all from Tokyo and we always go with majority rules, if we get asked, "Where are you from?" we'll answer, "Tokyo."
Jun: You're quite fixated on Chiba, aren't you. Recently at one concert, on the back of his jacket there were rhinestones which spelled out, "I Love Chiba."

Tamori: You made it in the rankings.
Nino, Sho and Ohno: Thank you very much.
Aiba: It's kind of a complicated issue.
Jun: Nope, it's 4 against 1.
Aiba: I guess so. But Chiba has quite a lot of places which are called "Tokyo so and so". There's quite a lot of them in Chiba. It's in Chiba but it'll be called "Tokyo so and so." Let's be part of Tokyo-san.
Tamori: I see, there are places in Chiba but they're named after Tokyo in some way.
Aiba: There are quite a few of those.
Tamori: Sakurai, were you born in Gunma?
Sho: Yes, I was born there. I'm from Tokyo, though. I'm the eldest child in my family, and I believe it's a common practice for firstborns. My maternal grandparents' house was in Gunma, so I was born in Gunma, and I grew up in Tokyo. It's hard to pinpoint where exactly I'm from, perhaps.
Sandwichman Date: Nah, you're from Gunma.
Sho: I'd say differently.
Sandwichman Date: Definitely Gunma.
Sho: I was born in Gunma and raised in Tokyo. It's like the difference between wagyu beef and domestic beef.
Tamori: That is completely different to what we were talking about.
Sho: What I was saying turned out to be absurd, so could you please move on to someone else?
Tamori: Sakurai is originally from Gunma.
Sho: That's right. My origin, or rather, my place of birth.
Nino: That's been settled today.
Aiba: Three of us are from Tokyo, and then we're from Chiba and Gunma, right?
Sho: This late decision will cause some trouble for me. Can we set it aside for now?
Marina: We heard that Arashi created concert goods which matched the place the concert was held in.
Tamori: What kind of goods?
Aiba: Right, when we had a concert in Miyagi, we had an Arashi logo. We made stuff like socks with that Arashi logo in the style of Date Masamune. And you know Bocchan Soap?

Sandwichman Date: It's famous. Everyone in Miyagi knows it.
Aiba: We collaborated with Bocchan Soap.
Sandwichman Date: I know.
Tamori: You do? Is it famous?
Sandwichman: It is famous.
Sandwichman Date: We [Sandwichman] have also collaborated with Bocchan Soap.
Sandwichman Tomizawa: Anyone can do it.
Aiba: That's not true, is it?

Tamori: Matsumoto went to a King & Prince concert?
Jun: Yes, it was recently after they debuted, I saw their first concert.
Nagase Ren: And afterwards, Matsumoto-san kindly greeted all six of us and said he would take us out for a meal. He noticed all the tiny details during the concert and gave us a lot of advice. For instance, he suggested that if we illuminate the start more when we make our entrance, we'll look cooler. It made me think, "Wow, he really notices a lot!" and I was really happy.
Tamori: That is amazing, Matsumoto really notices the details.
Jun: Well, they had just finished in Tokyo, and I thought that maybe I was talking too much, but they told me to speak, so we kept on talking about the details while eating.
Tamori: What did you eat in Nagoya?
Jun: Oh, that actually happened in Tokyo, and we all had Italian food.
Someone: So cool!
Nagase Ren: It wasn't a regular Italian restaurant like the ones we [King & Prince] go to, I couldn't even read the menu! The names were complicated. It was a very valuable experience, so thank you very much.
Jun: Don't mention it. I've done this for 20 years.

Tamori: Matsumoto also likes Bump of Chicken?
Jun: Yes, I love them, I even sing their songs at karaoke. My favourite song is "Mayday", I often sing it at karaoke. I've also been able to go to their concerts.
Tamori: Oh, really?
Jun: Yes, I love them. I'll definitely listen to their new song when it comes out.

Marina: Arashi will soon be performing the theme song for the drama which stars Aiba-san, for the first time on TV. We have with us Daikichi-kun, who appears in the drama.
Aiba: Thank you for having him. He's very quiet, isn't he? He's soft and fluffy and white. He is a Bichon Frise.
Tamori: A Bichon Frise?
Aiba: Yes, it's a French breed. He does a trick, where if you say "Donuts" and have your hand in front of his face like this, he'll push his nose through your fingers. Tamori-san, please try it.
Tamori: Donuts. Donuts.
Aiba: I'm so sorry. He usually does it but today he's not in the mood for it.
Tamori: Have you ever owned a dog?
Aiba: Yes, I have, I used to own a Great Pyrenees and a Yorkshire Terrier.
Tamori: Where is he [Daikichi] sniffing?

Aiba: I'm so sorry. [To Daikichi] That's the last place you should be sniffing, it's off limits.
Tamori: I've completely forgotten what we were talking about.
Aiba: I have owned dogs before.
Sandwichman Date: He went sniffing in the last place he should've sniffed.
Aiba: Yeah.
Tamori: Who else has owned a pet before?

Ohno: I used to have hamsters, when I was a kid. I had a male one and a female one, they bred and gave birth to almost 10 hamsters. We didn't keep them, we gave them away to people in our neighbourhood. I owned them a long time ago.
Tamori: Did you like hamsters a lot back then?
Ohno: Well, I just owned them. They were quite small, they'd fit into my hand. We didn't keep them in a cage.
Tamori: You let them roam?
Ohno: They made their own place behind the fridge, and when it was time to sleep they would go into a cage.
Tamori: That's impressive.
Ohno: They became domesticated.
Tamori: When they weren't in the cage, they would be behind the fridge?
Ohno: Yep, they'd always be there. Cause it was warm, they'd lie down there.
Tamori: You're about to perform, so what are your thoughts?
Aiba: This time we will sing in a new formation where none of us face the front much. We will perform in an unusual formation.
Tamori: You will hardly face the front?
Sho, Jun and Aiba: Hardly.
Aiba: It's possible that one of us might be facing the front, but not all of us at the same time.

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