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Jun Style 2011.09.24 (final episode) translation and subs

I translated and subbed the last episode of Jun Style which aired on 2011.09.24. Jun shares stories from the past 9 years of the show. He talks about the time Arashi came on Jun Style, the time Ohno came on Jun Style, the exciting things he did while recording, and how he was able to do as he pleased in Jun Style. I highly recommend listening to this episode as you read it. Winkychan has kindly shared the episode (and a lot more) here. My favourite part is listening to a hyper 22 year old Ohno.

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Japanese transcript: sumire_ruby

Jun Style 2011.09.24

Subs (MEGA) - raw and softsubs. I tried hardsubbing this but the text was so grainy.

"Good morning. How are you doing on this morning on the 5th of October? I'm Matsumoto Jun from Arashi. Arashi JUN STYLE starts today. It kinda doesn't feel like it's really began. And I'm still thinking about what I should do in this show. Well, I hope from now on it quickly takes shape, so even if the initial episodes have some parts that are unpleasant to listen to, I hope you'll still continue to support me. So, please stay with me, Matsumoto Jun, for the next half hour."

Sooo…. What you just heard was from the first episode. That was JUN STYLE on the 5th of October, 2002. Today is the 24th of September, 2011. Good morning. You're not mistaken. Has my voice changed? Was it a bit high-pitched? And I seemed kind of hyped up (laughs). It makes me wonder, "Did I really talk in that kind of voice?" Feels nostalgic, doesn't it? That was 9 years ago, in October. And now, 9 years have passed, and today will be the final episode. Please stay with me, Matsumoto Jun, for the next 30 minutes. JUN STYLE, start.

Arashi - Pikanchi

Good morning again. I'm Matsumoto Jun from Arashi. Today's opening song that you're listening to is "Pikanchi" by Arashi. [The director] Karasaki-san loves "Pikanchi". He told me to make sure I play "Pikanchi" in the final episode. I've received a lot of messages today, which I'm very grateful for, so thank you. Of course I'll respond to them, and the messages might also contain some memories from listeners who have been listening and supporting this program for a long time. I'd like to reminisce about the past when introducing those memories.

This message comes from An Hourglass's Fate.

"Hello." Hello. "Thank you very much for your hard work over the past 9 years. JUN STYLE began on the 5th of October, 2002. Including the final episode, there will have been a total of 465 episodes broadcasted." Seems right. "The episode which left the biggest impression on me was broadcasted on the 26th of March, 2005 (my memory is unclear, so I'm uncertain as to whether or not it was this date), when all the members of Arashi came on the show. I remember that the things you did, like Ogiri, were very funny. If there's an anecdote you remember from that time, please share it with us."

Hmm. I do remember that. Everyone introduced themselves saying, "Hello, I'm Mr Blah-Blah." We did something like that. I remember thinking that the episode was a bit all over the place (laughs). Like, in a different radio show it'd probably be organised in advance. They'd be like, in the second half we'll do this, and overall, we'll do that. They'd have a certain topic up to a certain point and have a theme, while we didn't, and we had a lot of free talk. I have the impression that while everyone was talking I was thinking, "Man, this is hard." Was that the only episode with all five members? Apart from that, Leader came on the show for my birthday ages ago.

[opening JUN STYLE theme song starts playing]

(Jun: What's this?)
Ohno: NACK5 Satoshi Style!
(Jun: (laughs) That's right, this is the one!)
Ohno: (claps) Congratulations! Matsumoto-san! Happy birthday!
Jun: What are you doing?
Ohno: Hurry up and take a seat! Go, go, sit!
Jun: Don't just do as you please and go on someone else's radio show.
Ohno: Quickly, quickly! Matsumo-san! Matsumo-san! Look!
Jun: What is it, what are you doing?
Ohno: Sit! Sit! C'mon, sit. So! Today we have SATOSHI STYLE!
Jun: Hang on. It's JUN STYLE.
Ohno: Huh?
Jun: It's JUN STYLE.
Ohno: Well, well, well, just let me advertise!
Jun: Advertise?
Ohno: I'd like to continue today's SATOSHI STYLE with Matsumoto-kun, who's turning 20 today! Today, I, Ohno Satoshi, have a Special Birthday Present! SBP! So, let's get straight to it, with 20 candl-
[Jun blows out the candles]
Ohno: You did that too early! I hadn't said it yet! You blew them all out! You're doing everything quickly today! So we're doing it. Now I, Arashi's Leader Ohno Satoshi, will give the first birthday present! Ta-da!
Jun: Hang on, don't do that.
Ohno: Sorry, it just slipped out of my mouth. I'm sorry.
Jun: No, I didn't mean about going "ta-da." Why are you doing this?
Ohno: What are you saying "why" for? Today is SATOSHI STYLE. I went out of my way to come here. So! I brought a present for you.
Jun: What is this? Is it from you?
Ohno: That's right.
Jun: Really?
Ohno: Really!
Jun: You're giving it to me today?
Ohno: I have never told a lie!
Jun: (laughs) Liar.
Ohno: Anyway. Please look at it!
Jun: Is this really from you?
Ohno: It is.
Jun: You brought it here?
Ohno: Yes.
Jun: It wasn't someone else who prepared it?
Ohno: No.
Jun: It's this year's present from you, for my birthday?
Ohno: It's a birthday party!
Jun: You're so loud.

He wasn't drunk at all, our Ohno-san. This takes me back… when was this? I was 20, so… 2003? On my first birthday after the show began, it got hijacked by a celebrity. Well, so that also happened. So nostalgic. It was so long ago! When I think about it. That was from around the time I talked with Sakamoto Ryuichi-san, when we sent voicemails to each other, I think. Was that in 2004? Oh yeah, Sakamoto Ryuichi-san came to Solid Planners! That was amazing, looking back on it now. It was the day before a concert. He asked me if I was free after work. I replied that I was. I remember that he treated me to a meal. And after that, like when I went to New York, he would contact me and take me out for a meal. It was fun. I'm sure that if I it wasn't for this show, I would've only been able to enjoy Sakamoto-san's songs. So I'm incredibly grateful, truly. Looking back like this makes me remember various memories. While time permits, I'd like to read out messages. It's time for an ad break.

This is Arashi JUN STYLE, brought to you by Matsumoto Jun on FM NACK 5. I'll continue reading out more messages. This one's from Tomoko-san from Machida.

"Good morning, Jun-kun." Good morning. "Listening to your voice, I'm reminded of the days from the past 8 and a half years. So far, I've missed 2 or 3 episodes. I now have dozens of mini discs with these episodes saved." That's amazing. "In the first year of your show, you cooked with Karasaki-san. There were highs and lows, and I also tried to copy you and cook. The show might have been trial and error, but I found it to be fun and exciting."

I remember two occasions where we cooked. The first time was when I just said offhand to Karasaki-san, "Let's try cooking." When we did it, I received a tonne of messages from the audience saying it was too messy and noisy (laughs). The other time, we made quite a few various things. I had never made meringues before, and I tried to make it on the show. I did as best as I could, and I tried to whisk it but it didn't go to plan. The meringue peaks wouldn't stand up. I didn't know what to do, so I rang my Mum, but I still couldn't fix it. The place where I used to record was very close to a café that made sweets. I went there late at night and straight up asked them to make meringue peaks, and by chance Narimiya-kun was there. I asked him what he was doing there. That incident also happened.

I even used to record the show at karaoke. I'd go to karaoke, and ask questions like what kind of songs do you normally sing. And other times… I've also played billiards with Yamaguchi-kun from TOKIO. And with Shun… was it around the time he did "Surely Someday"? We recorded outdoors and I was listening to his stories. It's incredible how I've been able to do various things. Recently it's been pretty calm in the studio. In the past I used to always be juggling a lot of things. And even though it was a radio show, it's amazing how JUN STYLE got to have so many location shootings. Listeners might also have the same impression of me recording on location a lot.

Let's continue with another one. Radio name Chii-chan from Saitama city.

"I have various memories. I have listened to JUN STYLE in the bridal suite at my wedding ceremony. I have listened to it while enduring labour pains in the delivery room. Every Saturday was Mama's time, and I could enjoy it freely. Thank you very much, Jun-kun. Thanks for your hard work. The child I gave birth to while listening to your radio show is now 6 years old."

That's amazing. I get how you might listen to the radio in the bridal suite for your wedding, but listening while enduring labour pains? I'm not sure if this show is worth that, but I'm grateful. I can feel the history in stories like these. I feel like the people listening now are also recalling what their own lives were like, back in those days.

I'll read another one. This one is from Mayuchin in Yokohama, who is a 16 year old high school student.

"Hello, Jun-kun." Hello. "What I loved the most about JUN STYLE was that you talked about artists whom you like. For example, Yamashita Tatsuro-san, Aiko-san, Dreams Come True, Michael Jackson, and Arashi. These examples come to mind, but I'm sure there were more artists you liked and more songs you listened to." That's what she wrote. "Good luck with your play."

You know, I was talking with the staff earlier, and they said I used to be more like a DJ (laughs). True, I've been allowed to do it that way ever since I started, such as choosing which songs to play. Of course, I did receive recommendations, but I ultimately chose them all myself. Especially in the first half of this show's era, I could just play whatever songs I was listening to at the time, or songs I'd been listening to for a long time to which I was emotionally attached. In the second half, I was aware that this show would air on a Saturday morning, and I played relaxing songs, didn't I? When the show first started, the songs seemed more upbeat. Like what you heard in that excerpt earlier. That also takes me back, because around then, I went to Miyakojima and listened to those songs all the time. I think I listened to Beenie Man. I think I listened to the song that Beenie Man and Janet [Jackson] did together. I feel like this show was all about what I enjoyed. That's why I received messages, but I also received ones about Arashi's songs, like new songs when they were released. "I'm glad I got to properly listen to the song until the end, without the coda being cut off." I also received messages like that. I have the impression that Karasaki-san, a staff member, made sure to play those songs until the end for me. I'm grateful for that. And for being able to play the songs I like, and Arashi's own songs, too. I'm glad that people were able to listen to them.

I'd like to continue reading out messages, and I'd like for you to listen to this song now. It's "Happiness", by Arashi.

Arashi - Happiness

You're listening to Arashi's song "Happiness", and I'd like to read out a message. It's from Maho-san in Meguro.

"If I had to describe JUN STYLE in one word, I would say that it's touching." I'm glad. "On JUN STYLE, you have given heart-warming responses to listeners' messages many times. Every week I have been pretty much moved to tears. There is kindness in every single one of your words. I am currently studying to become a nurse. I'd like to improve every day so that I can become like you, someone who can stir the emotions of many people. Thank you for stirring my emotions many times."

Thank you very much.

I'll read another one. This is from Tomiko-san in Matsudo city.

"Hello." Hello. "In October, I will set out on a new path. Your radio show has helped me for a long time, so from now on, at times when it seems like I'll give up, I'll probably be a bit anxious but it will be an opportunity for me to improve and work hard while making the most of the present. JUN STYLE is ending, but you've decided to start a new journey, and you'll progress from now on so that you will come across opportunities in the future. I look forward to the time when you'll make a new radio show. I love how you always advance forward one new step at a time."

Thank you very much.

I've received messages, letters and faxes from many people up till today, and I'm really thankful to everyone. I was still in my teens [when I started this show]. I think I had just turned 19? So the start may have been the wildest period, perhaps. When I say wild, I mean that I had been searching. Although I was wasn't sure about things, I still had my own way of thinking and I imposed it (laughs). I might've done the typical teenage thing and resisted when I started turning into an adult. I've been allowed to do this show ever since then. And my tone of voice - when I read today's messages I thought this too - I was like, "Why is this guy mumbling so quietly?" That's the kind of impression I had. Personally I don't remember doing that, but I feel like apologising. I guess it must've happened. When I was allowed to do this radio show, I guess I thought I should just talk about whatever I was thinking at that time and not dress up. I have a feeling that even though it would become a radio show that was easy to listen to, it took some time for that to happen. To all the staff who patiently endured that time period, and to all the listeners who took the time to send in messages even when the show wasn't pleasant to listen to, I'm really grateful. I'm really, really grateful, I'm full of gratitude. Nine years is quite a long time, I think. It's like starting at primary school and graduating from middle school. It's quite a lot, I think. Expressing the kind of feelings I had at that time on radio is completely different to expressing them on TV. There have been a lot of listeners who said that conveying my thoughts with just my voice reduced the distance between us. It felt really fun being able to convey thoughts with just my voice and no preparation.

I said it last week, and I've said it before, that listeners have been sending their thoughts straight to me. Such as stuff about concerts, and "please change your hairstyle", you've always been directing your honest thoughts to me. Glancing through messages myself, I go, "Ah, so this is what you've been thinking." I'm so happy we were able to have this kind of direct dialogue. In that sense, it's direct. You could send messages to JUN STYLE and be able to communicate in that way, but since this will end I'm personally sad about that. Since I made that decision myself.

I've been allowed to do this show JUN STYLE for 9 years. Especially with stuff like cooking, recording on location, even having guests on, and having my own radio show hijacked, a lot of different things have happened. But what makes me the happiest is that I was allowed to do it my own way. Having you listen on a Saturday at this time to me, doing the show my own way, and being able to hear your reactions, has been fantastic. This show will end today, but I will properly organise a place where we can still communicate. I'd like to be able to listen to everyone's thoughts. Even though this program will end, I'd like to say things and send messages to everyone, so I hope you'll continue to support me for many years to come.

So, here's a song I'd like you to listen to. "Aozora Pedal" by Arashi.

Arashi - Aozora Pedal

That was "Aozora Pedal" by Arashi.

Kame: Good morning, listeners of Arashi JUN STYLE on Nack5. And to Matsumoto Jun-kun, it's been a while since we last talked. I am Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN. As this episode is the final episode of JUN STYLE, congratulations on your hard work over the past nine years.
Jun: Thanks!
Kame: Nine years is amazing. This show started right after Arashi's debut. You must be busy, you're currently in a play? I saw on the news that it's to do with boxing, and I, too, will be doing a bit of boxing in a play in September. I remember I went to a gym to do boxing for a drama, and I remember it being quite tiring. You must have a lot on your plate at the moment, so please take care of your health. Well, next week from the 1st of October, I will receive the baton from Matsumoto-kun. I, Kamenashi Kazuya, will be in charge. The title is "KAT-TUN Kamenashi Kazuya's Hang Out". Since it's in the mornings, I hope I can be refreshing.
Jun: Is he refreshing? (laughs)
Kame: I hope you will do me the favour of listening to my show. Please look forward to KAT-TUN Kamenashi Kazuya's Hang Out, starting from next week at the same time. And, Jun-kun. Thanks for your hard work!
Jun: Thank you.
Kame: I'm waiting for an invitation to eat together.
Jun: Understood.
Kame: This has been Kamenashi Kazuya. Goodbye!

Arashi - My Girl

Thank you for the message from Kamenashi-kun. "KAT-TUN Kamenashi Kazuya's Hang Out" starts from next week onwards. I hope you will by all means continue to listen to this same time slot. This is the ending. For the ending, I'd like you to listen to "My Girl" by Arashi.

I hope you don't mind me promoting. I will star in Inagawa Yukio-san's play "Aa, Kouya" based on the original work by Terayama Shuuji-san. It will be performed in Saitama from the 29th of October to the 6th of November, at Saitama's Geijutsu Gekijou Dai Hall. It will be held in Tokyo from the 13th of November to the 2nd of December, at Aoyama Gekijou. I think that by the time this episode broadcasts, I will be in the midst of preparing for it. I will be waiting for all of you at the theatre.

Now, I'd like to pay my thanks to "Exciting Saturday", which will be on after this NACK5 CM. It will return back to Horie Yukari-san. Horie-san! Thank you very much for helping me last week. Good luck to all the staff for "Exciting Saturday". Please look out for KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya, and please continue to support us, Arashi. To all the listeners who are listening right now, and who have been listening for a long time up until now, my wish is that you continue to be happy every day. Your companion has been Matsumoto Jun. Thank you for these nine years! Bye!



  • I think that Karasaki-san is the director of Jun Style

  • In the second half of the show's broadcast, JUN STYLE used to air on Saturdays from 10:20-10:50 AM. I'm not sure if it always aired at that time or not

  • Ogiri (on the TV show Shoten): The show is based on the Ogiri style of rakugo, a form of traditional Japanese storytelling. The ogiri system sees a host put questions to a panel of fellow rakugo storytellers who must produce a funny or witty response."

  • Ohno visited Jun's radio show on 30th August 2003. I haven't been able to find the audio, but here's the Japanese transcript.

  • I think that Ryuichi Sakamoto and Jun sent voicemail tapes to each other. Jun had sent a voice message, and on Jun Style 2004.05.17, he broadcast Ryuichi Sakamoto's reply. The message is written in the link, in Japanese. This link also has information about their relationship, in English

  • Narimiya Hiroki is an actor. Jun and Narimiya acted in Gokusen (2002) together

  • Oguri Shun directed the movie "Surely Someday" in 2010

  • Jun was in the play "Aa, Kouya" from 2011.10.29 - 2011.11.06 (one of the messages wishes Jun good luck in his play, and Jun promotes it at the end of the show)

  • The song Jun mentions by Beenie Man and Janet Jackson is "Feel It Boy"

  • Kame starred in the play Dream Boys which ran for several years, including September 2011. Kame took over Jun's spot - Saturday mornings 10:20-10:50 am - after the last episode of JUN STYLE

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