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Translation and softsubs: Music Station Super Live 2018.12.21 Sexy Zone and Arashi's talks

I translated Sexy Zone's talk and Arashi's talk from Music Station Super Live 2018.12.21. Sexy Zone performed Karakuri Darake no Tenderness (without Sou), and Arashi performed Kimi no Uta, Natsu Hayate and Wish. Fuma shares a photo of his swollen face after he had his wisdom teeth removed, and Kame and Marius talk about their chance encounter. Arashi talk about what they did in 2018: Sho and Jun both share photos of when they went to Germany (Separately? Together? Who knows.), Ohno says he got his boat licence, and Nino and Aiba talk a bit about "8 ji da J".

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Japanese transcript: arashi-transcripts

Added softsubs for Sexy Zone's performance on 2019.04.25.

Subs: MEGA

  • The Mega folder contains a cut of Sexy Zone's talk and performance kindly shared on the sexy-zone LJ (raw), and softsubs for SZ's talk and performance with English and romaji lyrics

  • Arashi softsubs match the talk and medley cut on amnos-no-asa. I've only subbed the talk part, which is the first 3 minutes

Sexy Zone

Tamori: Sexy Zone, what is your photo?
Fuma: It's a photo of me after I had my wisdom teeth extracted.

Shori: That's hideous.
Fuma: Yeah.
Marius: You look cute!
Fuma: I look like I turned into Crayon Shin-chan.
Tamori: You aren't chewing something?
Fuma: No, after my wisdom teeth were extracted my face became this swollen. I'm waiting for a live-action adaptation of Crayon Shin-chan. I'll work hard.
Tamori: The amount of swelling depends on the person, right?
Fuma: Yes, it seems it's different for everyone. Mine swelled a tonne.
Tamori: You are prone to swelling.
Fuma: Yes. My face swelled.
Tamori: This is funny. Kisumai, you can standby for your performance.
Kisumai: Thank you.

Tamori: Is there a connection between KAT-TUN and Sexy Zone?
Kame: With Sexy Zone? Well, by chance I saw Marius-kun on the street. He was giving directions to someone from overseas in English. The next generation of Johnny's are amazing.
Marius: Right, I was giving directions in English to some tourists from overseas, and then I hear a voice from behind me. He's in a car, and he goes, "Oi Marius, what are you doing?"
Tamori: He asked you that?
Kame: I thought he might have been in trouble, so I was a bit worried. I thought I had to help him out! But then he said, "Go straight", so that was a relief.
Marius: Afterwards we exchanged contact details.
Tamori: On the street?
Kame: Yep. When Marius-kun was small he would always beg for a piggy back, so I thought I should give him a piggy back at last, but now he's grown so tall, maybe he should give me a piggy back.
Marius: I became enor-Marius.

Crayon Shin-chan:


Arashi with Tetsuko-san robot:

Tetsuko: Arashi, what have you been doing in your dressing room?
Nino: We were all eating the Chinese food from Aiba's family's restaurant.
Sho: It was delicious.
Tetsuko: I see.
Jun: It was delicious!

Talk before performing medley:

Tamori: Arashi is the last performer for this year's Super Live.
Arashi: Thank you for having us.
Tamori: What is your photo of the year?
Jun: I had the honour of choosing this photo. Here it is.

[Jun in Cologne, Germany]

Jun: I went to Germany for the first time. This is in Cologne, right in front of the train station. I caught the train, and when I got off, this huge church was right in front of me, and I was amazed by how impressive it looks.
Tamori: This is the Cologne Cathedral?
Jun: Yes.
Tamori: This is what's in front of the train station?
Jun: Yes, it's about 30 seconds from the station.
Tamori: A cathedral in front of the station?
Jun: It was so huge and so beautiful.
Tamori: Glad you went to Germany?
Jun: Yes, it was my first time, and it's so different to places like America. It feels very ordered, like you can see their national spirit everywhere, so I'm glad I went.
Tamori: What about you, Sakurai?
Sho: I also went to Germany, and I went to Hamburg and saw Justin Timberlake's concert.

[Sho in Hamburg, Germany]

Sho: This is an underground tunnel, it's about 400 metres long, and I think it was built in 1911. Building a 400 metre long tunnel with the technology they had at that time was difficult, and building an elevator was cutting-edge technology. It's amazing how they built an elevator which goes that far underground. That's all from me.
Tamori: Wow, it looks beautiful.
Sho: It is, and the Justin Timberlake concert was very fun, so I had the best time.

Tamori: What about you, Ohno?
Ohno: This year I got my boat licence…
Nino: You got it at last.
Arashi: Congratulations!
Sho: They're [the audience is] clapping for you! Wow!
Ohno: It had been about 20 years since I'd last studied. So it was tough.
Tamori: You found it hard?
Ohno: Yes, I'm grateful I got it without any problems.
Arashi: Congratulations!

Tamori: What about you, Ninomiya?
Nino: This year, the TV show "8 o'clock J" had a special comeback after 20 years, for just one night. It was really impressive being able to meet with our old colleagues.
Tamori: "8 o'clock J" is from a while back.
Sho: It brings back memories.
Jun: Being on the show was quite moving for us.
Sho: Yeah, that's right.
Tamori: It's an amazing title, "8 o'clock J".
Jun: It barely makes 8 o'clock.
Sho: It starts airing at 8:54.

Tamori: What about you, Aiba?
Aiba: In the episode we all sang the same old songs we used to sing back then, which made me emotional. While I was singing different memories came to mind, which was fun.
Tamori: Time has passed since your debut.
Aiba: It's been 20 years.
Sho: We were with Kanjani, Ikuta, Yamashita, Hasegawa, Kazama. We were with them back in the day, and of course also with Takki.
Jun: And Tsubasa-kun too.
Sho: Tsubasa-kun also came. We were with all of our friends from back in the day.
Nino: It had been so long since we were all together.
Marina: Arashi will take the stage soon.
Jun: Thank you.


  • Sho probably visited Old Elbe Tunnel.

  • In 2018, Justin Timberlake performed in Germany on July 13 (Mannheim), July 21 and 22 (Cologne), August 8 and 9 (Hamburg), and August 12 and 13 (Berlin) (wikipedia)

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